EG Essential Oil Personal Pocket Inhalers Available Now!

October 24, 2016

While on the go, we may forget one of life’s most helpful therapies. By simply breathing in and out, oxygen soothes away worry while refreshing the body. Invite calm, energy or rejuvenation into your day with Edens Garden’s Pocket Inhalers.

Instead of carrying around your favorite Synergy Blend or Single Oil bottles, lighten your load by adding a few essential oil drops to EG’s Pocket Inhalers to store in your purse, bag or car.

Sleek and compact, EG’s Pocket Inhalers are about 3.5” tall and ¾” diameter. The interior of the inhaler includes a glass container for easy access.

How to use
After removing the cap, add 5-15 drops of essential oil into the glass container. There is no need to drop onto the container’s wick. Simply add a few drops and slowly breathe in the restorative power of essential oil.

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