Welcoming 17 New Single Oils to Edens Garden!

October 17, 2016

The Garden is growing with the introduction of our latest single oils! We are thrilled to announce the addition of 17 new and unique essential oils. Hand-picked by our team of experts, the new oils represent the very best in aromatherapy. 

Included in the collection are soft and sweet aromas alongside spicy and lemony layers. Refresh with Bergamot Mint, purify with Pink Pepper, and brighten your day with Rosalina. Diffuse a couple or try them all, either way, we are certain you will fall in love with the freshest additions to The Garden. Available now in the 10ml size, with 5ml, 30ml, 100ml and 250ml sizes coming soon! 


Bergamot Mint: Possessing a gentle and slightly citrus aroma, Bergamot Mint invites calm to stressful moments and promotes overall balance. 


Cannabis: Harvested for Centuries, Cannabis soothes while restoring the skin’s luminosity. 


Catnip: Mildly aromatic, Catnip inspires serenity while boosting total wellness. 


Damiana: Used throughout history as a romance potion, Damiana has a bittersweet aroma that entices the senses. 


Eucalyptus Smithii: The most gentle of all the Eucalyptus oils, Eucalyptus Smithii promotes health and clear breathing with its fresh aroma. 


Frankincense Sacra: An oil often used for meditation, Frankincense Sacra nourishes the skin when applied and adds peaceful calm when diffused. 


Galangal Root: Closely related to ginger, Galangal Root soothes upset tummies as it improves general wellness. 


Gingergrass: Gingergrass has a wide range of uses. It is often added to high-end massage oils, cosmetics and nourishing lotions. 


Lavandin: More precise than other Lavender oils, Lavandin has a rich floral aroma perfect for perfumes, salves and soaps. 


Lemon Basil: Possessing a refreshing aroma of citrus and basil, Lemon Basil purifies open spaces while it comforts and soothes. 


Lemon Tea Tree: Supporting the health of nail, scalp and skin conditions, Lemon Tea Tree has a tangy-pine aroma with a hint of citrus. 


Pink Pepper: Irresistibly zesty, Pink Pepper is a powerful purification and cleansing agent. Many Ancient cultures used Pink Pepper to inspire peace and tranquility.


Rosalina: Sometimes called Lavender Tea Tree, Rosalina is often substituted in lotions, soaps and massages oils in place of Tea Tree essential because of its bright and remarkable aroma.


Sandalwood Hawaiian: Often used by perfumeries, Sandalwood Hawaiian has warm, earthy notes sprinkled into its complex aroma. 


Vitex: Minty and sweet, Vitex supports and helps balance the hormonal cycles of women.


Ylang Ylang Complete: With an alluring and euphoric aroma, Ylang Ylang complete promotes buoyancy and happiness. 


Yuzu: With an array of skin softening and health supporting properties, Yuzu has a warm and tangy aroma sure to empower and purify. 



  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Valerie! At this time only the 10 ml sizes are available, the rest of the sizes aren’t available and cannot be added to the cart.

    On October 25, 2016

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Judy! We do offer Rosemary essential oil that can be added to a diffuser; find it here- http://www.edensgarden.com/pages/search-results?q=rosemary

    On October 25, 2016

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Mari! The rest of the sizes will be available within the next month.

    On October 25, 2016

  • Mari says...

    I am eager to try the new oils, but there are a few that I only want in the 5 mil. Do you know how soon it will be till the 5 mils are available? Thank you for excellent oils at affordable prices. :)

    On October 24, 2016

  • Judy says...

    Do u have an oil with Rosemary in it for my diffuser?

    On October 24, 2016

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