Lavender, French Lavender, and Spike Lavender. What's the difference?

April 06, 2016

Edens Garden offers high quality Lavender, French Lavender, and Spike Lavender oils for purchaseYou may be wondering, “what’s with all the hubbub about Lavender? Is there really a difference between all these types of Lavender? What can Lavender do for me?” Well we’re here to clear up these questions, and let you know why we just couldn’t help but offer three kinds of Lavender essential oil.

A little background...

The term “Aromatherapie,” or Aromatherapy in English was created by French chemist, René-Maurice Gattefossé, in the early 1900s. Gattefossé became the poster child of Lavender essential oil. His name and famous incident are well known amongst aromatherapists. One day, while Gattefossé was working in his lab, his hand was badly burned by an explosion that occurred. Gattefossé was able to successfully treat the gangrene that resulted from the burn with Lavender essential oil. Following this event, Lavender essential oil has been researched and studied a multitudinous amount of times.

So let’s get into it, what’s the difference between Lavender Bulgarian, French Lavender, and Spike Lavender?


Let’s begin with traditional Lavender. Lavender Bulgarian is high in both Linalool and Linalyl acetate- two naturally occurring constituents which are known for having a plethora of therapeutic properties. Lavender is one of the most gentle, and widely used oils in aromatherapy. This oil is often employed for its anti-inflammatory, calming, headache relieving, immune supporting, sedative, and skin healing properties. With a fresh and powdery, sweet yet subtly woody, and herbaceous, floral aroma, the luscious scent of Lavender is well-known and frequently sought after in perfumery.

French Lavender

French Lavender is the fraternal twin of Lavender Bulgarian, in that, they share many of the same therapeutic benefits, but differ in ways that make them uniquely different. For starters, French Lavender typically has a high Linalyl acetate content but contains less Linalool. What that means is, French Lavender is aggressive in treating inflammation, zapping bacteria, and relieving pain. You may want to choose French Lavender over Lavender for cuts, scrapes, and local pain. Its aroma is also more intense than Lavender, with balsamic undertones.

Spike Lavender

Than there’s Spike Lavender, and with a high percentage of 1,8- Cineole and Camphor, this species of Lavender stands out amongst the rest. These constituents are often likened to oils such as Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Ravintsara, and have similar benefits, such as helping to relieve coughs, clear congestion, and promote easy breathing. With its high percentage of Linalool, Spike Lavender is also frequently used for its stress relieving, pain reducing, headache helping, and anti-inflammatory properties. The aroma of Spike Lavender is a combination of both traditional Lavender, and the sharp, medicinal, camphoraceous aroma of Eucalyptus.

More to love

Still don’t understand what all the hype is about? You’ll have to try our 100% pure, quality Lavender essential oils for yourself!


  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi PAULETTE MILLER! Milk and oil will separate unless you use an emulsifier. You could combine milk fat with essential oil.

    On July 24, 2017


    !/4 cup of milk mixed with 6 drops of lavender. Best when mixed with milk, otherwise it will just float in your tub. The fat in the Milk will dissolve the oil. What a wonderful bath!

    On July 23, 2017

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Jennifer! It sounds like you may have a sensitivity to one or both oils. We recommend discontinuing use until you consult your doctor

    On June 24, 2017

  • Jennifer says...

    I bought the Lavender and Rose Geranium oils. My first time using oils. I mixed then properly, 2%, with fractionated coconut oil, 2 drops in a 5ml bottle and topped with the coconut oil.
    Maybe I’m sensitive to these, maybe Lavender. I’m not much for the smell.
    When i put a few dabs of the Rose Geranium mix on I felt ok. Then I dabbed some Lavender mix on. Within a few minutes I felt a bit lightheaded, then within ten minutes I became very tired and heavy headed, my heart skipped a beat as I was sitting and resting. I got up and washed off the oils with soap and cool water, I had dabbed it on my ankles, outer arms, and behind my jaw. It’s taking a while but starting to get better.
    Does anyone else have an issue with Lavender or Rose Geranium? It seems the sedative properties in Lavender may have done this, but I’m not using it again. I don’t feel well.

    On June 24, 2017

  • connie moss says...

    The group together, Lavender French, spike lavender, and lavender, this comes as a group. what is the price.

    On June 23, 2017

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