The Benefits Of Evening Primrose Oil

October 17, 2014

Evening Primrose carrier oil, also known as Oenothera biennis, has many benefits when incorporated with the gifts of essential oils. Grown during the months of June through September, its bright yellow flowers open in the evening, hence its name. All parts of the Evening Primrose flower are edible, however, the abundantly nourishing oil is extracted from the dark colored seeds through a process of cold press extraction. Cold press extraction preserves the nutrients that are lost through the use of heat extraction and solvents. Evening Primrose oil should be refrigerated after opening to preserve its integrity and assist in achieving its maximum shelf life of six to twelve months.

The therapeutic nature of this oil is primarily due to its essential fatty acid content, which is highly beneficial to all the layers of the skin. These essential fatty acids make this oil an excellent choice to add to topical preparations to assist in the healing of dermatological conditions such as inflammation, dry skin, psoriasis, dandruff, eye wrinkles and eczema. Although this is an oil, the skin will absorb all of its nutrients.

According to research noted by the Linus Pauling Institute associated with Oregon State University, the topical application of essential fatty acids, primarily gamma-linoleic acid, showed evidence of modulating inflammatory reactions in the skin, such as those found with sunburn, radiation from cancer treatment, and dermatitis. This was noted to be a result of the essential fatty acids directly affecting inflammatory and immune system responses.

It is best to use this oil blended with other carrier oils such as Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil or Sweet Almond oil for larger areas that require attention. However, if the desired use is for a facial treatment, for conditions like acne or eye wrinkles, blending this oil with a small amount of well-chosen, therapeutic essential oils will provide you with some amazing results!  

Some Suggested Applications

Here is an effective facial therapy that you may consider for general facial care:

General Facial Care Blend

Mix the above recipe in a clean, amber bottle to keep protected from sunlight. In the evening after cleansing, apply the synergistic blend to the face, paying particular attention to any areas of redness and wrinkles. Let it soak in for at least 10 minutes before heading to bed. You will soon notice much happier skin!

Skin Irritation Blend

Another therapy to consider for skin irritations would be:

Again, mix all contents into a dark container to protect from light. This therapeutic blend would be excellent for treating all sorts of skin inflammations, redness and general itching.

Evening Primrose oil is a wonderful addition to incorporate into your natural home care wellness supplies. It’s versatile, exceptionally healing and it works!


**This information is provided as a courtesy to our customers. Please exercise proper safety when working with essential oils and use them at your own risk. For those new to essential oils, we recommend consulting a certified aromatherapist for individual guidelines as we do not know what conditions, medications and allergies you may have and want to be certain our customers are safe.


  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Michelle! We do not have recommendations for using oils to balance hormones.

    On March 15, 2017

  • Michelle says...

    How do I use this oil to balance hormones?

    On March 14, 2017

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Jennifer! Rosehip would be a great carrier oil for this! Try diluting Peppermint at 2-3%.

    On November 02, 2016

  • Jennifer says...

    What about using evening primrose as the carrier oil and peppermint for headaches is that a good combination or would you recommend a different carrier oil.

    On November 02, 2016

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Tereasa! It potentially can be used in the morning and at night, however Evening Primrose may leave an oily feel on the skin, so we suggest using it at night.

    On October 21, 2016

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