DIY Essential Oil Infused Easter Centerpiece

March 30, 2015

We've got a fun and simple DIY that will make your Easter feast a true hit. With just some spray paint, a mason jar, your favorite Edens Garden essential oil, and a few found sticks and flowers (or fake flora and fauna from a craft supply store), you can make this seasonal inspired table centerpiece. A lovingly decorated table goes great with friends and family, good food, and great conversation. We wish you and yours a Happy Easter.

DIY Essential Oil Infused Easter Centerpiece

What You'll Need:
- Flowers, sticks etc. 
- Spray paint
- Wire cutters 
- Drop cloth 
- Gloves
- Face Mask (a handkerchief around your nose and mouth would also work)
- Jar or Vase

Step 1. Gather real, fake, or even found flowers and sticks for your centerpiece.
Step 2. Get a few quick drying spray paints in varied desired colors-- be sure to look for the cans that specify their ability to be used on plastic. 
Step 3. Find a well ventilated, low wind space to set up a drop cloth or an old sheet that can take a little bit of spray paint abuse. 
Step 4. Spray the flowers. Let them dry. Then rotate to hit all leaves, petals and leafy bits. We even layered colors to give the flowers a little more dimension. 
Step 5. After they have completely dried, arrange in a mason jar or small vase.
Step 6. Add your favorite Edens Garden essential oil onto the branches and flowers to create an aromatic experience. We recommend Fir Needle or Rosewood

*Pro Tip: Cover specific areas with aluminum foil if you want to keep the original flower or stick as is.

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