5 Essential Oil Blends To Help With Your Allergies

April 04, 2017

If you’re experiencing allergies at the moment, the staff at EG sympathizes with you. Were it not for our new favorite springtime blend, Pollen Buster, we might not be getting any work done. Could you imagine? No new EO content to brighten your day, bottles left unfilled, orders sitting stagnant as our staff blows their noses and applies more eye drops. In all seriousness, we at EG have felt the setback that allergies cause and have put together a list of some of our favorite anti-allergy blends for your relief.

Chamazulene Fighting Machine

As you may or may not know, chamazulene lends its blue color to Blue Tansy and German Chamomile. Chamazulene also holds antihistaminic properties, making these EOs apexes in the anti-allergy artillery.

Create this stock blend in a 5 ml bottle, and add to your diffuser. Alternatively, add 5-15 drops to a personal inhaler for on-the-go allergy relief.

25 drops Blue Tansy

25 drops German Chamomile

25 drops Spike Lavender

50 drops Cedarwood Atlas

Histamine Helper

Tea Tree and Sweet Marjoram are high in terpinen-4-ol, imparting these oils with anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic properties. Pair these oils with immune boosting oils such as citruses for a winning allergy combo.
Create this stock blend in a 5 ml bottle, and add to your diffuser to fill the room with allergy fighting power.

25 drops Tea Tree

25 drops Sweet Marjoram

25 drops Tangerine

50 drops Cedarwood Atlas


The way to reduce allergies is by decongesting and suppressing inflammation and the histaminic response. Peppermint, Helichrysum- Italicum and Bergamot Mint accomplish all of these tasks through inhalation and topical application, which is beneficial for irritation or itching onset by allergies.

Create this stock blend in a 5 ml bottle and add to your diffuser. Alternatively, add 5-6 drops of this blend to 2 tsp of scentless lotion and apply where you are experiencing itching or irritation.

40 drops Peppermint

25 drops Helichrysum- Italicum

60 drops Bergamot Mint

Sniffle Stopper

20 drops Frankincense Sacra

25 drops French Lavender

30 drops Helichryusm- Italicum

50 drops Tea Tree

Breathe Better

25 drops Cedarwood Atlas

45 drops Rosalina

60 drops Spike Lavender


  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Brenda! Yes, you can leave Lavender out and replace it or leave as is

    On June 22, 2017

  • Brenda says...

    If you know that you are allergic to a certain oil such as lavender, can you leave out and still have some of the same effect?


    On June 21, 2017

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Carrie! Add 1 drop of each oil to a roll-on, and 3 drops of Cedarwood. Top off with carrier oil in a 10 ml roll on and apply

    On June 12, 2017

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Darlene! Yes, you can always reduce a blend recipe

    On June 12, 2017

  • Carrie Reid says...


    Can you use the Histamine Helper in a roller ball? If so, what dilution? Thinking to use under my nose and on my chest. Thank you!

    On June 12, 2017

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