Our Gift Sets have a whole. New. Look!

November 30, 2015

Our gift sets have a whole. new. look! We've updated the designs and couldn't be happier. Each essential oil and synergy blend set design reflects its unique set properties. The new packaging features a die cut sleeve that reveals set art within. Not only are sets a beautiful way to gift essential oils, but they also save you money. By selecting collections rather than singles, you save.

Along with every set, we include our “150 Ways to Use Essential Oils” brochure so you can enhance your knowledge of synergy blends and essential oils. Whether you are giving a set as a gift or customizing your own, we hope you feel empowered and inspired by your selections!

Browse all the sets here. Here's a few of the new designs.

Be blessed essential oil gift set by Edens Garden

Skin Care essential oil gift set by Edens Garden

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  • cindy says...

    I received the 6 set synergy blend for Christmas. How do I know the combination of oils used in each bottle. I understand not all blends are pet friendly so I am trying to identify oils in each before I use my new diffuser

    On January 03, 2016

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Olive Juice ;) Fighting Five is the new official name for our Four Thieves blend. We will be making an announcement regarding this change in the near future!

    On December 21, 2015

  • Amy says...

    I was confused about this too! What’s going on?

    On December 20, 2015

  • olive juice says...

    There’s a bit of inconsistency here. On the sets and some pages you list fighting five but that blend doesn’t exist on the synergy blends page. You have four thieves will become forthaves instead. Nowhere have you mentioned that forthaves is actually fighting five. I had to figure that out using context clues. Still love your oils, just wish that had been clear!

    On December 01, 2015

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