Freebie: January 2016 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar

December 08, 2015

Free Desktop Wallpaper Calendar - Edens Garden Essential Oils

Happy New Year! With all your resolutions in order, you likely have a busy schedule ahead of you! We've created a handy desktop wallpaper calendar to help you plan and stay on top of the days. Just download the link below and set the image as your computer wallpaper. This freebie is brought to you by our Joy essential oil synergy blend

Download Free Wallpaper Here

Our Joy synergy blend can help you recall those happy and beautiful moments and inspire new ones through its floral and citrusy aroma. Try placing a few drops in a diffuser during a family or friend gathering and watch the laughter abound!

Joy is a blissful blend of Bergamot, Geranium, Jasmine, Lemon, Mandarin, Palmarosa, Roman Chamomile, Rose, Rosewood, Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang. Made with care from our top quality oils and, as always, Edens Garden essential oils are never diluted or mixed with additives.

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