December 2016 Free Wallpaper Calendar

November 30, 2016

This month, look for joy in unexpected places. Find laughter in silly moments and delight in cozy settings. Sing Christmas carols or go ice skating. Play in the snow and relax in front of the fireplace. GIve yourself room to breathe this month while you enjoy the company of loved-ones. It’s easy to get caught up in the hubbub of the holidays but remember that each day has the potential to bring great joy.

Part of having more joy in your life starts with feeling your best. As the sniffles make their rounds this season, use Eucalyptus Smithi to help clear your breathing.

Eucalyptus smithi  is derived from a tree native to Australia, but is also grown in South Africa. Eucalyptus smithii or ‘gully gum tree’ grows placidly on low slopes and in watery wetlands where soil stays moist. This is the most mellow and soft of all Eucalyptus species and the essential oil has all of the same healthy attributes of its plant cousins. The aroma is gently camphorous, wonderfully alive, fresh and faintly earthy.  This mild species is gentle when used properly on sensitive adults and is the Eucalyptus of choice for delicate skin when mixed into carrier oils.

A few drops enliven massage oils, freshen-up stale ambient air and impart a feeling of comfortable, grounded entrenchment.  Diffusion, inhalation and dermal application are just a few options for using this unique essential oil.



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