DIY Aromatherapy Cornucopia

November 15, 2016

Harvest and Fall are somewhat synonymous. The Harvest season is a time to slow down before the holidays and simply enjoy the life we have and the people we love.

To bring Harvest to mind this Thanksgiving, craft your very own Aromatherapy Cornucopia. Place it as a centerpiece or put it on a coffee table in a seating area to remind your guests to reflect and relish in each other’s company.

What you need

  • Cotton Balls
  • Wicker Cornucopia
  • Harvest Plants
  • Essential Oil or Synergy Blend (Try Ginger or Love)

How to

  1. Separate cotton balls and add 5-10 drops of your favorite Essential Oil or Synergy Blend on each ball.
  2. Place cotton balls and harvest plants into the cornucopia.
  3. Display the cornucopia in a space of your choosing.  

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  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Barbara! You can purchase the Complete Set from our website. Each order comes with a 150 Ways to Use Essential Oils brochure, which includes tips and ideas on ways to use your oils.

    On January 09, 2017

  • Barbara Wetter, N.D. says...

    How can I purchase a complete set of your oils, along with instruction of best use fr each oil? Thank you for this information. Barbara /wetter

    On January 06, 2017

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