DIY Early Morning Bird Sachets Using Rise & Shine OK For Kids Blend - Sewing Template

Many times, we recommend inhaling essential oils to absorb the therapeutic benefits they carry, but how do you get rambunctious tykes to sit still and inhale oils? Reward systems and time-outs can get rather tiresome, so we came up with a creative way to get kids wanting to wake up and smell the oils, with these Rise & Shine OK For Kids DIY Bird Sachets.

The Tale of Little Early Morning Bird

“What’s so fun about a sachet?” you might say. Well, once upon a time there was a little early morning bird. Little Bird’s parents were always so hippity-hoppity and full of energy in the morning, but Little Bird was always so sleepy. Each morning, Little Bird’s parents would squawk, “Rise and shine, Little Bird!” but Little Bird would stay in bed. Before Little Bird’s parents knew it, Little Bird was late for catching breakfast and flying school every day! So they said, “Enough is enough!” and went to go find Dr. Parrot.

“Dr. Parrot! Dr. Parrot!” they chirped. “Little Bird isn’t out of bed yet, and it’s already six in the morning! It’s like this every morning. We squawk and tweet each day, but it does no good. Little Bird stays in bed well past sunrise. We think Little Bird might have a case of sleepy head! Please help us Dr. Parrot.”

Dr. Parrot said, “Don’t you worry, I know just the thing!” And off he went, collecting ingredients to make his tried and true, sleepy head remedy. When it was finished, he quickly flew to Little Bird’s parents and tweeted, “Here you are!” and handed them a bottle. “I call it, ‘Rise & Shine,’ and it will take away anyone’s sleepy head, just like that!” he sang, snapping his feathers. With that, Little Bird’s parents thanked Dr. Parrot, and swiftly flew back home.

Little Bird was still asleep when they got back home. They each took a whiff of Rise & Shine before giving it to Little Bird. “Whoa!” they exclaimed. “That’s some hippity-hoppity stuff!” Then they put a drop on Little Bird’s pillow, and before they knew it, Little Bird woke up! “Rise and shine!” Little Bird squawked, and began to fly around the nest.

From that morning on, Little Bird became an early morning bird, and didn’t have sleepy head ever again.

The End!


We’ve tailored these sachets in the shape of early morning birds, and included a free cut-out sewing template. These Rise & Shine sachets are sure to turn any sleepy head into an early morning bird.






Sewing machine (optional)

Early morning bird template (Download it here and print it out)

Cotton balls or stuffing

20 drops OK for Kids Rise & Shine

Details, details

1. Cut out the bird pattern from the sewing template (download it here and print it out).

2. You will need to cut-out two pieces of fabric, each one 3.5” x 4.5”. If the fabric you’re using is not double sided, pair what will be the outside faces of the fabric back to back, so that the inner side of the fabric is facing out.

3. Draw the sewing template bird pattern on both sides of your fabric.

4. Either by hand, or using a sewing machine, sew together the matched pieces of fabric along the edges. The stitches should be close enough together, to where the cotton ball stuffing will not come out. Do not completely sew shut the pieces of fabric, but leave a hole big enough to turn the fabric inside out, and fit the stuffing through.

5. Turn the fabric inside out. Put 20 drops of Rise & Shine in a bowl, and coat the cotton balls or stuffing with the oil.

6. Stuff the early morning bird, and sew it closed. You can also sew or draw on eyes and details to make your early morning bird come to life!

One of our favorite ways to use this sachet is by putting early morning bird away during the day and at night, and putting it back in your child’s arms a few minutes before its rise and shine time, for a gentle wake-up.

When the aroma begins to dissipate, gently cut open the stitches without cutting the fabric, and replace the stuffing after soaking it with more Rise & Shine.

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