DIY Easter Gift: Carrot Sugar Scrub

April 14, 2017

Easter is a holiday with variegated traditions. Some may have grown up in homes where they woke up to Easter baskets brought by the Easter bunny, whereas others may have hunted for dyed eggs and treats. At EG, we’re all about doing the unprecedented, so why not start a new tradition this Easter? This year, we encourage you to spread cheer by giving something from the heart to those around you, like this easy to make DIY Carrot Sugar Scrub. A homemade gift that not only looks adorable but smells luxurious? Yes please!  

What you need

Clear cone cellophane bags

Green raffia

Green ribbon

1 c. sugar

¼ c. Sunflower carrier oil

5 drops Carrot Seed

7 drops Blood Orange

8 drops Jasmine

20 drops Neroli

How to

  1. Combine Sunflower carrier oil and EOs, then add to sugar. Blood Orange acts as an orange colorant, due to its bright yellow to orange color.
  2. Spoon sugar into bag. Sugar may stick to the top sides of the bag which looks messy. We recommend spooning the sugar into a bag, then flipping it over into a new bag. This allows the sugar to fill the bag without touching the top sides.
  3. Cut raffia to desired length, and stick down into the sugar scrub.
  4. Starting at the top of the sugar scrub, tie the bag closed using the ribbon.

Note: This recipe makes 1-2 carrots and can be multiplied. Diluted at 1%. This recipe should be used once as it is self-preserving. 

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