DIY “I’m Thankful For You” Blend and Ceramic Bloom Diffuser

November 14, 2016

Showing generosity is one the many ways we display love to friends and family. Instead of waiting until the holidays this year, give your guests special Thanksgiving gifts to welcome them to your home.

As guests walk in, offer them small mementos to show your appreciation. We suggest giving the Ceramic Bloom Diffusers and our “I’m Thankful For You” DIY Blend.  

What you need

How to

  1. Pour half of the 30 ml (15 ml total)  of Wild Orange into empty Amber Glass Bottle. Add the entire 10 ml of Clove and entire 5 ml of Ginger into the bottle. Shake to blend together.
  2. Download the free label here, print out and tape/glue to bottle.
  3. Give the “I’m Thankful For You” DIY Blend along with the Ceramic Bloom Diffuser.

Note: Check the NEW Ceramic Bloom Diffuser product page for more info.

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DIY Diffuser Blend Recipe

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