DIY Poo-Fume

November 13, 2016

It’s okay. We all sit on the porcelain throne from time to time. It’s not the most glamorous part of the day but it happens. It can happen at inopportune moments, in the middle of the night, at work or during Thanksgiving.

Doing one’s business is not something we typically want to share with friends and family. Limit your Thanksgiving guests Poo-Shame with the Poo-Fume spray, which clears odor and eliminates the need to play the blame game. Simply spray a few pumps into the toilet and get down to business.

What You Need

How To

  1. Pour 1 tablespoon Witch Hazel into the bottle, add 20 drops of Grapefruit and 20 drops of Lavender. Fill the rest of the bottle with water.
  2. Download the free label here, print out and tape/glue to bottle.
  3. Shake well to blend all the ingredients and place the bottle in the bathroom.


Poo Fume essential oil DIY by Edens Garden


  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Lori! You can use regular tap water! Also, if you wanted to great larger amounts, you would use the same proportions.

    On November 16, 2016

  • Lori says...

    What kind of water? and for bigger bottles would I just double the witch hazel and oils or keep it the same?

    On November 15, 2016

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