How to Get Your S.O. into E.O.s

by Bella Martinez February 08, 2017

How to Get Your S.O. into E.O.s

You may have been using essential oils for quite some time. You have your cold and flu preventer, burn reliever, headache helper, energy booster, sleep inducer, etc.

Ailments and maladies are no match for you, but one obstacle stands between you and your passion for EOs. Your significant other or “SO.” Many of us have an unbelieving or unwilling SO, who prefers to run to the drugstore over natural, home remedies. Well, we’ve thought up some surefire ways to get your SO into sharing your passion for EOs.

Step 1: Find Out What They Like

It’s as simple as asking, “What do you like to smell?” Offer descriptive aroma words, such as woody, fruity, spicy, herbal, floral, sweet… Once you have a lead, it’s easy to narrow down which oils your SO might like. If they’re not sure at all what they like, let them sample your inventory of oils and go from there. Allow them to come to their own conclusions of what they like and don’t like, rather than deciding for them as some might do.

Step 2: Essential Oils To The Rescue

Does your SO tend to complain about their back pain, frequent headaches, sneezing fits or work-induced brain fog? Good news, there’s an essential oil for that! Don’t leave your SO behind as you incorporate essential oils into your everyday routine. Have your SO try your EO antidotes for themselves, and if they don’t prefer it, try, try again. Or simply let it go and wait for a new ailment to incur before offering another remedy.

Step 3: Spoil Them With EO Goodness

Some of your favorite ways to enjoy essential oils, may become some of your SO’s favorite ways to enjoy EOs. Give your SO a relaxing essential oil massage, or surprise them with a luxurious Lavender bath salt. If they’re not a bath person, try making calming shower melts, nourishing shaving cream or a muscle relaxing lotion bar.

Step 4: Don't Overload Them

The prospect of getting your SO into essential oils is exciting, but this might come off as being overeager and overbearing. It’s important to be patient, and remember that you too were once an aromatherapy newbie. Finally, allow your SO to ease into the world of essential oils as you did- slowly and without force (we hope)!

Are you in a relationship with an EO skeptic or an EO believer? Share your story here!

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