How To Layer Aroma In Home

by Bella Martinez February 19, 2019

Aroma Room Spray

Sometimes, all your home needs to spruce it up is to diffuse oils or use a room spray. Other times, you may want to take the one-dimensional aroma experience to the next level by implementing the art of layering aromas. Though we aroma lovers call this an art, it’s not daunting, and just takes a nose for what blends well together. Here are our top tips, and some suggestions, to turn you into an aroma layering expert.

Pair Like With Like

One of the simplest ways to layer aroma in your home, and a good place to start, is by using like aromas with like aromas. For example, spritz French Lavender Sage room spray here and there and diffuse the blend. Using these different methods will create the ultimate, unique French Lavender Sage experience, and will allow you to become familiar with the difference aroma layering makes.

Made For Each Other

While experimenting with aroma layering, you may find that many aromas work well together, but few were made for each other. Take the Bliss synergy blend and Tangerine Jasmine room spray for example; note how the spiciness of Cinnamon intertwines with the florals found in Tangerine Jasmine, and the way that Tangerine emphasizes Vanilla. Next, try French Lavender Sage synergy blend with Cedarwood Spruce room spray; the gentle florals of this blend balance the earthy, masculine terpenes of Cedarwood Spruce, creating an equilibrium of aromas. Lastly, enjoy a blissful marriage of aromas when you combine the Tobacco Patchouli synergy blend with Rose Bergamot room spray; each blend offers sophisticated aromas that, when combined, create a bold, musky and yet rosy, honeyed perfume. From sweet and sophisticated to earthy and balanced, the atmospheres you can create with these combinations are endless.

Many of these layering ideas came from creativity, intuition and a sprinkling of know-how. In other words, it doesn’t take much to layer aromas, and we highly recommend elevating your space by trying it for yourself. We’re firm believers that when it comes to aroma layering, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.

Do you have an aroma layering combo that you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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