New Gift Sets In The Shop!

We’re bringing more joy to the holiday season with the addition of our six new kits and sets. Our sets are packaged and ready to go with everything you need to give the perfect gift. What’s more is that each of our new sets are discounted and affordable for any budget. Gift giving just got a whole lot easier.

Synergy Blends 3 Set: As life happens, allow each of our premium blends to enhance your day-to-day. All three stunning blends have the innate ability to unify comfort with happiness. We hope you enjoy the indulgent aromas our Synergy Blends 3 set has to offer.

Includes: Good Morning 10 ml, Good Night 10 ml and Guardian 10 ml

Synergy Blends 3 Set + Diffuser: When it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere, aroma plays a huge role. Edens Garden synergy blends are the perfect solution. Our premium synergy blends and beautiful ultrasonic diffusers are sure to create a space where people want to gather.

Includes: Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser +  Good Morning 10 ml, Good Night 10 ml and Guardian 10 ml

6 Blends & 6 Singles Set + Diffuser: Our top selling set meets our newest diffuser, the 6 Blends & 6 Singles Set + Diffuser is sure to delight as a gift for friends or for yourself. This set includes a combination of Edens Garden's best and favorite oils. If you're on the hunt for a great gift, look no further.

Includes: Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser + Breathe Easier 10 ml, Cinnamon Leaf 10 ml, Eucalyptus 10 ml, Fighting Five 10 ml, Hope 10 ml, Lavender 10 ml, Lemon 10 ml, Peppermint 10 ml, Purify 10 ml, Stress Relief 10 ml, Sunshine Spice 10 ml and Sweet Orange 10 ml

Simple Start Set + Diffuser: To help you launch into your essential oil journey, we’ve created the Simple Start set + diffuser. Complete with everything you need, the set will help you ease your way into the bountiful world of essential oils so you can enjoy it every step of the way.

Includes: Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser, Top 6 Set, Coconut Carrier Oil 120 ml, 2 Personal Pocket Inhalers, 2 Roll-On Bottles and two Amber Glass Bottle 10 ml 

Travel Bag 30 Set: This set has basically everything you could ever want in travel sizes. We’ve curated the best products into one set. From moisturizing body oils to roll-ons and personal inhalers, there's a little something for everyone to love.

Includes: Essential Oil Travel Bag, 1 oz Body Oils (Yuzu Canabliss, Vanilla Sandalwood, Lavender Magnolia, XOXO, Shine, Rose Bergamot), 2 Personal Inhalers, 4 Roll-on empty bottles, empty bottles 10 ml, 4 Roll-ons 10 ml (Deep Breath, Peppermint, Sleep Ease, Stress Relief), Single Oil 10 ml (Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree, Sweet Orange), Synergy Blends 10 ml (Anxiety Ease, Breathe Easier, Fighting Five, Good Night, Joy) and EG Pin 

Pouch Set: The pouch is both chic and practical with its beautiful design and ability to carry items of different shapes and sizes. This everyday carry set is your go-to for when you need a bit of a pick-me-up.

Includes: 1 oz XOXO Body Oil, Shine Roll-on, Personal Inhaler, Essential Oil Pouch

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