The Best Essential Oil Combinations

by Jenna Jones August 14, 2020

The Best Essential Oil Combinations

This content was updated for accuracy and relevance on November 4th, 2020

Have you built up an essential oil collection? Are you currently working on creating a personalized stockpile? 

If so, you’ve probably realized that you can mix and match the different oils for better aromas and even better results. Making your own essential oil recipes can also be a fun project while reaping the benefits of aromatherapy! 

But what are the best essential oil combinations? Whether you need ideas for pure essential oils to diffuse at work, at home or while on the go, we've got you covered. Give these essential oil mixes a shot! 

Peppermint, Frankincense, and Lemon

This is one of the best essential oil blends around. These are essential oils to diffuse for energy and focus that can help with mental fatigue. The recipe goes:

  • 2 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil Peppermint oil is cool, clearing, and uplifting. This strong aroma has a minty fresh smell that facilitates deep breathing, and can be used to help relieve pain. 

  • 2 Drops Frankincense Essential Oil – If you want to relax and clear your sinuses, Frankincense essential oil carries anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. 

  • 2 Drops Lemon Essential OilLemon oil is an aromatic citrus essential oil that is great for elevating mood and clearing away negativity. 

Want a little taste of heaven? Create this energy blend in your diffuser, sit back, and breathe in deep.

Black Pepper and Rosemary

Are you looking for a way to relax, unwind, and calm anxious nerves? If so, this aromatic combo will help you find your inner peace. 
  • 3 Drops Black Pepper Essential Oil – Black Pepper is more than just a kitchen spice. It’s a potent essential oil with strong antioxidant properties. This helps support a healthy immune system. If you’re looking for essential oil blends that contain Black Pepper, try our Energy Boost Synergy Blend or Study Buddy Synergy Blend.

  • 3 Drops of Rosemary Around The World Oil – Rosemary is one of the most popular aromatic and medicinal plants by far. Rosemary Around The World oil has a variety of vital properties that support relaxation, making it a perfect oil to add to your diffuser blend. In fact, Research shows that simply inhaling the aroma of a Rosemary based essential oil can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in your blood. High cortisol levels are caused by stress, anxiety, or any thought or event that puts your body in "fight-or-flight" mode.   

Combine the two in your essential oil diffuser for immediate, soothing relief. 

Lavender, Cedarwood, and Roman Chamomile 

Do you have trouble sleeping? Spend too much time tossing and turning at night? If so, then you definitely know how valuable a full night’s sleep really is. Without a deep, restful 8-9 hours, most people drag that grogginess with them throughout the day. If this is sounding all too familiar, you can change your reality.

Try this rich, sweet-smelling essential oil blend to start snoozing the moment after your head hits the pillow:
  • 2 Drops Lavender Essential Oil – Likely the most famous essential oil due to its various uses and applications. Lavender oil is the go-to when you want to ease tension, induce relaxation, and encourage deep and restful sleep. Two of the best aromatherapy blends that contain Lavender are Good Night Synergy Blend and Sleep Ease Synergy Blend. Both blends also contain Chamomile and Ylang Ylang essential oil that pair well with Lavender to help ease you to sleep.

  • 2 Drops Cedarwood Essential Oil – Known for its warm and woody aroma profile; Cedarwood essential oil can help ground and center your mind so you won’t be focused on all of the things that need doing tomorrow. Cedarwood is an oil you can find in our Tranquility Synergy Blend or Harmony Synergy Blend. Try these blends to maximize its calming benefits. 

  • 2 Drops Roman Chamomile Essential Oil – Like Lavender, Chamomile flowers are a popular bedtime tea. It has calming properties that help soothe the mind and body and prepare you to catch some Zzz’s. For that reason, Chamomile is a main ingredient in our Relaxation Synergy Blend and our Meditation Synergy Blend.

For best results, blend and apply 30-60 minutes before your usual bedtime. We believe everyone deserves a good nights’ sleep after a long day. This is why we created the Sleep Set to help you get the most out of the essential oils you love without breaking the bank. 

Try out this essential oil recipe or an essential oil set to help improve sleep and help you say goodbye to daytime grogginess! 

Lime, Eucalyptus, and Rose 

If you’re looking for a floral, summery perfume, few blends smell more sweetly. On top of the fantastic aroma, each essential oil is chock full of powerful properties.

To make this essential oil blend apply the following mixture:
  • 2 Drops Steam Distilled Lime Essential OilSteam Distilled Lime has a refreshing and purifying aroma for those that need a mental pick-me-up. It is non-phototoxic which means it can stand up to the sun’s rays and deliver energizing effects, rain or shine. 

  • 2 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil – The refreshing aroma of Eucalyptus oil is ideal for relieving congestion and persistent coughs. This potent oil is an active ingredient in OTC rubs for congestion and is a go-to for a stuffy nose during your common cold. 

  • 2 Drops Rose Absolute Essential Oil – Looking for serenity and a balanced emotional state? Known for its complex floral bouquet, Rose is perfect for anyone who wants a better way to relax. We recommend using floral Synergy Blends that contain Rose, such as Spring Garden and Aphrodisiac. Spring Garden can help you take a step back and relax, while Aphrodisiac can enhance sensual energy.

You’ll be amazed how fantastic you feel after just a single session of diffusing this fan favorite blend. 

Fearless Synergy Blend

Instead of making your own blend, you can use an expertly formulated premade blend such as the Fearless Roll-On Synergy Blend or Fearless Synergy Blend. The Roll-On is perfect for positive energy on the go, while the Synergy Blend in the bottle is best for uplifting you at home when placed in a an aromatherapy diffuser. 

Need to build your confidence for a big presentation at work? Have an important date coming up tonight? This synergy blend can help you be bold, banish negative thoughts, and think positively.

It’s a brash aromatherapy blend of several essential oils, including:

  • Spruce

  • Bergamot

  • Juniper Berry

  • Myrrh

  • Arborvitae

  • Nootka Tree

  • Thyme

  • Citronella

Want to be brave? Fearless can help. 

One of the best parts of collecting different essential oils is the ability to try them out individually or with one another. The amazing essential oil combinations we discussed are just the beginning of the incredible aromas you can make.

Some other great oils to consider adding a few drops of to your mixes include Cinnamon Bark, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Clove Bud, Tea Tree, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Spearmint, Geranium and Clary Sage.

Say goodbye to chemical fragrance and start blending essential oils to infuse balance into your personal garden! If you want to create your own roller blend to apply topically instead of creating diffuser recipes, make sure you dilute your essential oil combination with a carrier oil for safe application. 

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