This Or That? Rose Absolute

February 06, 2017

You were always a rose. This simple phrase evokes many feelings and ideas, exhibiting that flowers have a language all their own. To give someone a rose is to speak of desire, passion, joy and overall love. With its captivating aroma, beauty and healing benefits, it is no wonder why Rose oil is a favorite in Aromatherapy. Though just as a white rose says I’m worthy of you and a red rose says simply I love you, Rose Bulgarian and Rose Moroccan tell two similar but different stories.

Chemical component

If you’ve looked at our Rose GC/MS reports, you may have noticed that phenyl ethyl alcohol is the main constituent of both Rose Bulgarian and Moroccan, with citronellol composing about 10% of each oil. What’s unique about Rose oil’s constituents is that Rose Moroccan contains a plethora of components in comparison to Rose Bulgarian. The location and farming techniques, such as watering and fertilizing, all contribute to why Rose Moroccan contains more components.

Therapeutic properties

In skincare, Rose oil is extremely popular for its anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, cooling and moisturizing qualities. As such, you might add Rose to a moisturizing spray, lotion, anti-aging serum or face wash. Rose is commonly used for its ability to relieve anxiety and ease stress. This has resulted in the use of Rose with those suffering from PTSD. Rose oil is also an aphrodisiac, and popularly diffused on days like Valentines. 

Aroma profiles

The timeless aroma of Rose may be worth purchasing EG’s Rose oils alone. Phenyl ethyl alcohol contributes largely to Rose’s classic rosy aroma. Rose Otto, the steam distilled version of Rose, is less favorable in perfumery because it is not as high in phenyl ethyl alcohol, and thus lacks the familiar Rose aroma. Solvent extracting Rose effectively preserves its aroma.

Both Rose Bulgarian and Moroccan hold traditional rosy aromas. However, when testing them side-by-side there is an apparent difference in aroma.

Rose Moroccan is light and powdery. It is fruity, with green undertones and a slight musk. Rose Bulgarian has a deeply satisfying aroma, and is often preferred out of the two Roses. It is rich, sugary and fresh.

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