Using Essential Oils To Effectively Prevent & Relieve Colds

November 30, 2017

Hello Autumn and oncoming Winter seasons! When the kids are back in school and cooler weather is settling in, the common cold can arise during these upcoming months. According to the Centers for Disease Prevention and Wellness, over 200 viruses have been identified to be associated with the common cold, but you can effectively be prepared for any viral onslaught by incorporating the use of essential oils into your natural health care routine.

Essential oils can assist in the prevention of contracting the dreaded viruses that cause colds in several different ways. Using essential oils such as Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Sweet Orange and Thyme all deter the growth of viruses and make them an excellent option to use during the months when most are indoors due to cooler weather and windows are kept shut, limiting the amount of fresh air circulation. Essential oils are very versatile and can be diffused through several means to cleanse and purify the air, as well as possibly contribute to elevating your mood!

One way is to obtain a soapstone diffuser* and add a bit of purified water to the top bowl, then carefully select a blend from the above mentioned oils. A good suggestion would be:

Blend the above essential oils into a clean amber bottle in which you can extract drops from. Carefully put 10 drops of the blend into the water bowl. Be mindful to not get any of this blend onto any furniture as it could cause damage. Place your lit tea light candle underneath and in less than 5 minutes you will be diffusing some very tough, virus-hating essential oils as well as contributing a pleasing Autumn aroma to your environment.


Anyone who has ever endured the misery of a cold knows that the symptoms are no fun at all. Chest and nasal congestion, headaches, coughing and difficulty breathing can all be a part of the way our bodies combat this invasion. However, the therapeutic nature of essential oils can also assist in lessening these symptoms as well.

Below are some very effective blends and single essential oil solutions for helping you to manage your symptoms.

Tissue Breather Aid

Onto a fresh purse sized pack of tissues, place 6 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil and 4 drops of Lavender essential oil in different areas on the tissues. Place into a sealed zip lock bag and put in your purse when you are battling a cold. When your nose is congested, just bringing one tissue out, holding it up near your nose and breathing deeply will help lessen the congestion.

Balm for Congestion & Cough Relief

At night when ready for bed, the following balm may be applied to lessen congestion and coughing:

Mix the above into a clean, dark jar. Eucalyptus is very effective in battling congestion and coughing, while Thyme is a powerful antiviral. Lavender is also great at battling viruses and bacteria as well as promoting relaxation. Rub approximately a teaspoon-size amount over your chest area and go to bed, hopefully experiencing easier breathing and deep rest!

Essential oils have so many wonderful beneficial qualities. Consider adding them to your natural home wellness supplies so that you and your family are naturally prepared for whatever life may try to throw your way!


*We will be adding these items soon to our product line.
**This information is provided as a courtesy to our customers. Please exercise proper safety when working with essential oils and use them at your own risk. For those new to essential oils, we recommend consulting a certified aromatherapist for individual guidelines as we do not know what conditions, medications and allergies you may have and want to be certain our customers are safe.

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