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Why You Should Always Have Your Essential Oil Pouch on Hand

by Erin Sweeney October 27, 2017

Why You Should Always Have Your Essential Oil Pouch on Hand

In times of crisis, the travel pouch is the perfect companion. How so? EG’s essential oil travel pouch is best used when it carries everyday necessities, like your most beloved essential oils.

The essential oil travel pouch allows you to quickly find your most used EOs in a snap, and when you need them most. The travel pouch is sure to be your best friend.

Help A Yogi Out

The scenario: You’re at yoga, and one of your yogi friends can’t seem to get the position right.

What’s in the pouch: You tell that yogi friend, “Practice makes perfect” and scoop out Meditation synergy blend to help them focus.

Day At The Park

The scenario: It’s a sunny afternoon, so you go to the park with the kids. Everything’s peaches and cream, until your little one falls and scrapes her knee.

What’s in the pouch: “Don’t worry little one!” you say as you grab your pouch and pull out Ouch Ease roll-on. Now all’s right with the world.

Fish On The Menu

The scenario: After hours of toiling and cooking a seafood special for dinner guests, the salmon comes out of the oven, but now your house reeks of the sea.

What’s in the pouch: Out of the pouch comes Aroma Fresh. You quickly add a few drops to the diffuser, and voila! No more stinky odors.

Sick On A Plane

The scenario: You board a five-hour flight, and you’re looking forward to relaxing with a good book. That is until the person sitting next to you keeps coughing intermittently.

What’s in the pouch: In a matter of seconds, your pouch is in hand. You add a few drops of Guardian to your pocket inhaler, and inhale when needed.

Winter Wreaking Havoc

The scenario: You’re staying with family in a cabin this winter, and you can’t wait to start skiing and making snowmen. After days of fun, your skin is dry and cracked.

What’s in the pouch: You always keep your trusty Lavender body oil in your pouch for times like these. It doesn’t take a lot of body oil to restore skin back to a healthy, nourished state.

Essential Oil pouch

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