Essential Oil Room Spray & Fresheners

Made with 100% pure essential oils, our nontoxic Room Spray collection refreshes and elevates your favorite spaces with a delightful aroma without having to worry about dangerous chemicals hiding within its ingredients. Spritz essential oil room freshener throughout your home, office, and car to enjoy the wonders of aromatherapy all day and night. A quick spray will enhance the feeling of any room no matter what aroma you choose. Each of our room sprays and fresheners has been designed for a number of occasions. Whether you are getting ready to have guest over or you're looking for a relaxing scent before bed, we have you covered. Enticing and naturally balanced, the Room Sprays will become your new household staple.

Love a woodsy aroma? Does your nose perk up at the smell of fresh florals? Does the fragrance of fresh citrus give you a burst of energy? Ranging from Lavender Sage and Rose Bergamot to Cedarwood Spruce and Frankincense Lime, our collection of essential oil room sprays are meant to help set the tone for your day as you center your mind and body. Fill any room with your favorite scent with just a simple spray. See which of our room sprays has the right scent for you. 

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