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Essential Oil Scent Strips

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Find a sidekick in your aromatherapy journey with our Essential Oil Scent Strips! These scent strips come organized in a gorgeously designed flip-book and are easily removed with a quick tug. Perfect for testing oil aromas, you can use them to make your own blends or to get a more accurate read on the aromatic nuances of an oil.

Includes 40 removable scent strips
Safety & Shelf life
Keep out of reach of children.
How to Use

Simply dip the narrow end of the strip into the oil (or put 2-3 drops on it) and let it sit for a few seconds. Then, hold the strip 3-5 inches from your nose and take a short whiff.

Afterward, use the wide end of the strip to write down which oil it is so you don’t forget or get it mixed up. So, the next time you find yourself a stranger to an essential oil, acquaint yourself with its aroma the safer, mess-free way with the EG Essential Oil Scent Strips.


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