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The Coronado Bracelet

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Weightless as a breeze and multihued like a gorgeous sunset, the 7" Coronado is the perfect piece of Diffuser Jewelry to add to your ensemble. Though this bracelet is a stunner on looks alone, its ability to diffuse your favorite essential oils elevates it from “simply chic” to “stylish and healthy.” Slide it on your wrist and show off this colorful, versatile gem at the office or your next soiree.

The Coronado is a fashionable reminder to breathe easy and live vibrantly. Apply a few droplets of your favorite essential oils onto the lava stones to transform this bracelet into an on-the-go diffuser. When the bustle of life gets the best of you, the Coronado offers an aromatherapy pick-me-up.
Typical diffusion lasts for 1-3 days.

EG’s Essential Oil Pairing Picks

Bergamot Key Lime or Cocoa Rose


Handmade by Lavha, presented by Edens Garden

Stone sizes: 6 mm Pink Zebra Jasper, 6 mm Frosted Grey Agate, 6 mm Lava

7" Stretch Cord

Bronze Spacer

Cleaning Instructions: Soak in a solution of a ¼ cup water and a ¼ cup rubbing alcohol for 3 hours. Allow to air dry. The aroma of the previous essential oil used may still be partially intact.

Safety & Shelf life
Keep out of reach of children.
How to Use
Add 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil to the black lava stones. Allow 10 minutes for the oil to absorb.

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