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5 Myths About Bar Soap

by Bella Martinez September 17, 2018

5 Myths About Bar Soap

There are a lot of dirty lies surrounding bar soaps despite their gentle skin nourishing properties, deep cleansing abilities, and incredible aromas. With a desire to share the goodness of bar soaps in mind, we’re putting our foot down and breaking down the myths on soap. Here’s the clean truth on bar soaps.

  1. Bar soap is germ-y: Truth is, germs can live on your bar soap. But there’s good news, germs on your Bar Soap are unlikely to affect you at all and you can evenavoid germs on Bar Soap altogether by simply rinsing it before and after you use it, and storing it in a dry area.
  2. Bar soap dries out your skin: Edens Garden Natural Bar Soaps are made with rich, moisturizing carrier oils. Bar Soap naturally picks up excess oils and rinses them away, while moisturizing the skin. On the other hand, harsh, detergent based cleansers may leave the skin feeling overly dry and dehydrated.
  3. Bar soap made with lye is harsh and dangerous: When lye and oils are combined, thesaponification process begins, and lye is neutralized during the soap curing process. This means, when you use EG’s Natural Bar Soap, you are using a gentle, lye-free bar of soap. Typically, lye is not a hazard unless you are making soap yourself. We offer artisan made soap so you don’t have to ever encounter lye.
  4. Bar soap is less environmentally friendly than liquid soap: According to an analysis of how bar soaps and liquid soaps affect the environment, it was found that liquid soaps have a25% larger carbon footprint compared to bar soap. This is in large part dependant on packaging. At EG, we package our soaps in easily-recyclable paper cardboard.
  5. Bar soap is less economical than liquid soap: Though the price of artisan made bar soaps are often more expensive than liquid soaps, consumers typically use approximatelyseven times more liquid soap than bar soap at a time. Using significantly more liquid soap than bar soap can be more damaging to your wallet in the long run. In fact, some of our very own staff members have just gone through an EG Bar Soap that they received at their release (in April!).

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