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Bloom Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

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To bring nature closer to home (or office), discover the Ceramic Bloom Diffuser. The eco-friendly diffuser is tastefully designed to add a touch of beauty to any space while affixing a lasting aroma.

Porous and unglazed, the ceramic clay used to make the porcelain flower allows essential oils to absorb and gently float into the air. Add your favorite Essential Oil Blend or Essential Oil to the energy-efficient Ceramic Bloom Diffuser which requires no heat or electricity.

Made from natural materials, the Ceramic Bloom Diffuser comes in the earthen color of charcoal. Refill the stoneware with 5-30 ml of essential oil, which is absorbed by the wick, transferred onto the porcelain and released out into the air. Feel free to add a few drops directly on the ceramic flower to enhance the aroma.

Incredibly powerful, the Ceramic Bloom Diffuser can spread an aroma through a room size of 100-500 square feet. So go ahead, enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy and enhance your living space with the Ceramic Bloom Diffuser.

*This diffuser is artisan handmade using natural materials. Given its natural composition, variations in color and texture may be expected. Each diffuser is entirely unique and no two are alike.

    It is normal for the oil used to discolor the ceramic flower. This lends unique character to each use of your diffuser. If you wish to change the aroma, just clean the ceramic with water and liquid soap or soak in ethanol alcohol, then let it dry before adding new oil.

    Size: Approx. 4"H and 3.5" in diameter.


  • Refillable Stoneware Vessel
  • Porcelain Flower Top
  • Natural Wood Lid
  • Rope Wick
  • Safety & Shelf life
    Keep out of reach of children.
    How to Use

    For instructions check out our guide: How to use the "Bloom" Ceramic Essential Oil diffuser.


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