“All of our essential oils must come from farms who value human life over profit – bottom line.”

- Grace Martin, Founder/CEO

Ethical, Sustainable Sourcing and Production

Since the beginning, we’ve maintained uncompromising standards for our essential oils and natural products. In over a decade, we’ve gone from offering a tight selection of oils to over 250 essential oil singles and essential oil blends, but how did we get here? We believe that offering the very best oils in the industry begins with sourcing.

Each farm and distillery we partner with must follow Edens Garden’s code of ethics and meet our standards for quality and sustainability. And while our mission in sourcing is to provide our family of customers with the highest quality essential oils available, it’s also to create two-way, synergistic relationships with the farms and distilleries we partner with. After all, it’s who we partner with that makes what we do possible.

  • Ethical, fair sourcing
  • GC/MS tested
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
  • Eco-conscious practices

The Edens Garden standard, from farm to bottle:

  • We partner with passionate experts.

    Our top-quality oils are a reflection of the hard work and expertise of our partner farms and distilleries. When sourcing our oils, we consider factors that make for optimal crops and therefore, premium oils. These factors include the altitude at which plants are grown, pH and nutrients of soil, rainfall and water quality, whether the oil is native to the country it’s grown in and more. We ensure that those we partner with are experts in these areas and that they provide consistently high-quality products.

  • We support farms who put people first.

    All of our essential oils must come from farms that value human life over profit. This means that workers must be adults, paid fairly and on time and have safe, healthy working conditions. Our farming partners must also prioritize the environment and sustainability. A sustainable farm is one whose crops are not being over-exhausted, but rather new crops are grown at a rate that is able to meet the demand. We also ensure that farms we choose to work with are not pressured to rush harvesting or sacrifice the quality of crops at any point, allowing farmers time to catch up and maintain the viability of their crops.

  • We ensure utmost quality through rigorous testing.

    We then measure the quality and purity of our products by performing a series of tests. These include organoleptic, refractive index, specific gravity and GC/MS testing through a third-party, independent lab. After these tests are performed, they are then analyzed by expert essential oil chemists and our in-house aromatherapists. It’s through these analyses that we’re able to put farms and distilleries to the test, ensuring that their product is of the highest quality available and that no additives such as synthetics, fillers, isolates, pesticides and preservatives have been added.

The Farms Behind Our Oils

From Lavender fields in France and citrus groves in Italy to the plains of Africa and jungles in India, our oils are sourced from around the globe, in regions where plants are indigenous and thrive. Whether third-world or developed, we seek out the very best farms – some of which have been farming for generations and whose passion for healing botanicals runs deep.

After over a decade of working in the industry, and having partnered with the best farms and distilleries in the world, we’ve found that the telltale sign of a great essential oil producer is one that puts people and plants above profit. These are some of their stories.


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