“Our story is rooted in natural and conscientious living. Back in 2009, my dream was to share high-quality, affordable essential oils and make them easily accessible to everyone. I took a leap of faith and started Edens Garden in my husband’s parents’ tiny garage.

Since then, my little dream has grown significantly. I am so grateful to have an incredible team that continues to innovate, educate, and foster community around essential oils. For three years in a row, we’ve been voted #1 non-MLM essential oil company through a nationwide poll and we could not be more proud.

As a women and family-owned company, our loved-ones and community inspire us to put safety, quality and sustainability at the forefront of our goals. With our customers always at the core of what we do, we’ve expanded our product offerings to include synergy blends and hand crafted body and home care products. We hope to share our love for 100% pure essential oils with you because we believe that everybody deserves more goodness in their lives.”

- Grace Martin, Founder and CEO Edens Garden

Quality and Safety

All of our products are sustainability produced, non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free and made with our unstoppable 100% pure essential oils. Our team of experts spend countless hours researching, formulating and testing products before sharing them with our EG community. We’ve taken the time to find healthier ingredients, more sustainable production and advanced blending techniques to make sure we offer the highest quality at the highest value possible.

“Our loved-ones and community inspire us to put safety, quality and sustainability at the forefront of our goals.”

- Grace Martin, Founder/CEO

Sourcing and Process

Since the beginning, we’ve maintained incredibly high standards for our essential oils and natural products. To simply offer Lavender essential oil wouldn’t be enough. Our goal is to offer you the Lavender essential oil derived from the strongest harvest and grown with the most sustainable farming practices. The delicate composition of essential oils requires special care from sourcing to shipping.

INSIDE our process

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Meet the Team

What we do at Edens Garden would not be possible without our incredible team. From our in-house aromatherapists to our dedicated bottling and shipping team, to our graphic designers and accountants - each member helps bring nature’s benefits to your fingertips.

Giving Back

Acting as a force for good in our community and world is a fundamental part of Edens Garden mission. Since our inception, we have sought to become more than just a business concerned with the bottom line. We’ve wanted to make a difference and impact lives. That’s why we started “Seeds of Goodness”, our internal give-back program. Our today affects our tomorrow and with that in mind, a percentage of all profits are given back to a variety of organizations that are doing their part to help build a better tomorrow. As a company invested in the health of our communities and planet, we are continually looking for opportunities where we can lend a hand.

How we give back