5 Myths About Natural Deodorant

by Jenna Jones January 25, 2019

5 Myths About Deodorant

Natural products have long received a bad rep for not being as effective as their chemical-laden counterparts. To help clarify some of the misinformation surrounding natural deodorant, we broke down common "myths" about the product.

1. You need to apply a lot

A common myth surrounding natural deodorant is that you need to slather it on to combat body odor. The truth is, Edens Garden deodorant was expertly formulated for maximum effectiveness with minimal application (1-2 swipes). If you’re wondering why your underarms are a bit sticky, try a few less swipes the next go-around.

2. They irritate your skin

Baking soda is typically included in natural deodorants for its cost-effectiveness and naturally deodorizing properties. Unfortunately, it is a highly alkaline ingredient that has the potential to react with our slightly acidic skin. Many people are very sensitive to this reaction and can experience damage to their skin mantle and moisture barrier, resulting in skin irritation and rash. For this reason, Edens Garden natural deodorant does not contain baking soda.

Due to skin-soothing ingredients like shea butter, our natural deodorant can sometimes harden when exposed to cold temperatures. If this is causing any irritation, the fix is as simple as holding the deodorant against your armpit for an extra second or two before applying. Allowing your body temperature to warm the stick for a moment will give you the perfect amount of smooth glide.

3. They don’t work

Gone are the days of the same ol’ natural deodorants over and over again on the market. If those natural deodorants never worked for you, there’s no need to give up. Advancements in the natural deodorant world have led to great discoveries that actually work. With the skin’s microbiome in mind, our deodorant includes prebiotics which supports the skin's natural microflora and reduces space for the bad bacteria that causes odor.

4. They will stain your clothes

The largest culprit for yellow stains in deodorant is the aluminum. Without the aluminum, your clothes are free and clear of those ugly blemishes. If you find that the essential oil in our natural deodorant is leaving color behind, simply wait for your deodorant to dry before throwing on a shirt. A trip to the washing machine will remove any signs of deodorant.

5. There is an awful detox process

There are plenty of rumors about the horrors of making the switch to a natural deodorant. In reality, actively participating in an armpit detox is encouraged but not necessary. If you decide to skip the DIY detox process, your transition will likely still be a smooth, harmless one.  

It’s true that people notice an increase in sweat or odor when they make the switch from an antiperspirant as a form of natural detoxification but don’t worry! Your body will return to equilibrium after a short time. Some of you may not even notice a difference at all.

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