AAA: What's The Difference Between Active Diffusers and Passive Diffusers?

by Bella Martinez August 28, 2019

AAA: What's The Difference Between Active Diffusers and Passive Diffusers?

With the addition of our new Diamond Diffuser, the diffuser options have grown at Edens Garden. With so many options, which EG diffuser do you choose? One might pick based on looks alone, but one may also want to consider the choice between an active diffuser and a passive diffuser. What’s an active and a passive diffuser, you ask? Read on to find out.

Active Diffusers

  • Aromaride Car Diffuser
  • Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser
  • Diamond Diffuser
  • Personal Pocket Inhaler

Active diffusers use a stimulus such as electricity, ultrasonic vibrations, air flow, etc. to emit essential oils. These diffusers offer an intense aroma output.

Each active diffuser has its own individual safety tips. For example, as mentioned in our previous Ask An Aromatherapist, active diffusers such as Ultrasonics should be used for 30-60 minutes before turning them off for 30-60 minutes.

With the Aromaride, ventilation (i.e. cracking open a window) is recommended if the aroma is too intense with or without air blowing through your car’s vents.

Though it doesn’t require a stimulus to diffuse, the Personal Pocket Inhaler delivers the same amount of aroma intensity as an Ultrasonic diffuser in a few, short bursts, and, therefore, does not need to be used for 30-60 minutes. Unlike other diffusers, Personal Pocket Inhalers don’t fall neatly into one category because they don’t need a stimulus to work, but it offers an intense aroma output. Safety recommendations for active diffusers generally follow Personal Pocket Inhalers, and we’ve categorized it as such for this reason.

Passive Diffusers

A passive diffuser naturally emits essential oils without any help from a stimulus. These diffusers generally offer a less intense aroma output.

Passive diffusers can be used day and night, so long as the aroma is not too intense. These diffusers can be placed throughout your home or space and used continuously. Passive diffusers are recommended for those with aroma-sensitivities or if you prefer continuous diffusion at a lower intensity.

Now that you know the difference between active and passive diffusers, which will you choose? Let us know in the comments section below!

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