April's Blend of the Month is Here!

by Grace Martin April 01, 2021

April's Blend of the Month is Here!

April’s Blend Of The Month is here! Enjoy a getaway to the chocolate-rich and citrusy island of Key West Cocoa. The limited-edition blend is motivating and uplifting. Imagine a decadent slice of key lime pie–now hit it with some Cocoa and you have yourself this winning aromatic combo. Its rejuvenating properties can help inspire positivity and hope. 

A beautiful blend, Key West Cocoa is a rich combination of Lime, Lemon, Peru Balsam, Cocoa Absolute, Fir Balsam Absolute, Peppermint and Fenugreek CO2. Inhale its gorgeous aroma on-the-go by using it with the Personal Pocket Inhaler

On the first of every month, we release a limited-edition Blend Of The Month. Our Blend Of The Month is only available while supplies last, so get yours before they’re gone. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram and Facebook so you can be the first to know about our new releases. 

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