Can You Use Body Oils As Massage Oils?

by Danielle De Guzman August 24, 2018

Body Oils in a massage

The many benefits of massage therapy span from pain relief to better sleep. Current research shows massage can significantly reduce muscle inflammation which can promote lifelong mitochondrial biogenesis. Even more compellingly, a 2010 study found that massage can dramatically improve the quality of life for HIV/AIDs patients. At Edens Garden, we are passionate about the holistic approach to health and formulated our body oils specifically to enhance massage therapy.

Many of our most loyal customers are licensed massage therapists who apply our signature body oils to clients on a regular basis (Yuzu Cannabliss and Lavender Magnolia are insanely popular). Unlike synthetic lotions and oils, EG’s body oils combine therapeutic essential oils, natural vitamins and nutrients to smooth, moisturize and nourish the skin. Our body oils are also easily absorbed, and generally, don’t need to be washed off after a massage.

Interestingly, leaving on EG’s body oils can actually protect your skin long after you leave the massage table. Our body oils contain vitamin E as an antioxidant which can help protect your body against free radicals. Vitamin E can also help reverse the appearance of sun damage while tightening the skin.

Carrier oils can also be incredibly effective during a massage if you prefer a more DIY approach. All of EG’s body oils contain Camellia Seed carrier oil which locks in moisture and helps the essential oils nourish more deeply. With our body oils, all of the guesswork is done for you. Ingredients are at the safest and most effective levels so you can achieve the most therapeutic massage ever.


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