Diffuse With Style: New Essential Oil Jewelry in the Shop

by Grace Martin May 08, 2019

Diffuse With Style: New Essential Oil Jewelry in the Shop

Designed with intention and style, our three new diffuser bracelets release the therapeutic benefits of your favorite EG essential oils. Artisan-made by Lavha and presented by Edens Garden, each bracelet offers a vibrant color palette and effective diffusion.

Handmade in the United States, our essential oil diffuser jewelry features ethically sourced Lava stones. The stones elegantly absorb and diffuse essential oils, emitting aromatherapy for days. The bracelets can be stacked together, with other jewelry or worn solo. A great gift for the aroma-lover in your life, this jewelry is versatile and easy to use.

How to diffuse

Simply apply 1-2 drops of your chosen single essential oil or synergy blend to the lava stones. Wait about 20 seconds for the oil to absorb before wearing. Enjoy the aromatic benefits for up to three days.

The Balboa Bracelet: Slipping on the Balboa bracelet is like finding treasure, as its black-and-gray colorway is speckled with golden-hued accents that elevate this bracelet's look and the oils soothe and improve your mood.

The Coronado BraceletWeightless as a breeze and multihued like a gorgeous sunset, the Coronado is the perfect addition to your ensemble and a fashionable reminder to breathe easy and live vibrantly.

The Lido Bracelet: They say the classics never go out of style, and the all-black Lido proves it. This sleek bracelet goes with anything, anywhere — yoga pants, wedding gown or business suit.

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