DIY Essential Oil Bear-Balm Using OK For Kids Sniffles & Sneezes

September 06, 2016

Chicken soup, mountains of dirty tissues, endless television and a thermometer that's through the roof- all classic signs that cold and flu season is upon us. While chicken soup may be good for the soul, feeling under the weather can be unBEARable! Our OK For Kids Sniffles & Sneezes is the respiratory system’s best friend with oils of Silver Fir, Cedarwood, Pine, Spruce, Sweet Orange, and Lavender to help bring relief.

DIY Bear Balm

Snuff out those grizzly-size sniffles with our DIY Bear Balm recipe. Rub a small amount on your child’s chest for congestion relief and less tissue waste. Plus, this recipe doubles as a great healthy, homemade product for adults too!

What you need

(2) 4 oz Metal tins

1/4 cup of Coconut Carrier oil

1/4 cup of Grapeseed Carrier oil

4 tablespoons of Beeswax

35 drops of OK For Kids Sniffles & Sneezes

Double boiler


Melt the beeswax in a double boiler on low heat. Once melted, remove from heat and stir in Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil and Sniffles & Sneezes. Pour the mixture into the metal tins and let cool. This recipe should yield approximately two, four ounce tins. For a softer balm, add more carrier oil, and for a firmer balm add more beeswax.


  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Megan! Yes, you can use this in a deodorant container. The chest, feet and pulse points are ideal location for topical application.

    On May 07, 2017

  • Megan says...

    Hi! Would this balm work ok in a deodorant container? And I’m guessing that it should be rubbed on the chest and feet? Would anywhere else be good to put it??

    On May 06, 2017

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Katie! In ultrasonic diffusers we typically recommend using anywhere between 5 and 25 drops of essential oil, however the manufacturer of the diffuser would have a better idea of what to use.

    On November 09, 2016

  • Katie says...

    I would like to diffuse both Healthy Hero and Sniffles & Sneezes. What would you recommend the water to EO ratio be? Thanks.

    On November 09, 2016

  • Edens Garden says...

    Hi Amanda! The carrier oils in this recipe can be interchangeable. Using a 1/2 a cup of Coconut oil should work nicely.

    On October 04, 2016

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