DIY Leather Bookmark Diffuser Using OK For Kids Study Buddy

by Bella Martinez September 10, 2016

DIY Leather Bookmark Diffuser using OK For Kids Study Buddy

Struggling to retain information and memorize material isn’t just a kid problem, it’s a people problem. Many of us can relate to leaving a class or meeting and feeling as though information went in one ear and right out the other, which is why our Study Buddy OK For Kids blend has been a godsend. Now you can have confidence knowing that having a productive study day is just an inhale away, with Study Buddy.

DIY Leather Bookmark Diffuser Using OK For Kids Study Buddy

Enhance the way your child studies using this DIY Leather Bookmark Diffuser. Just add a few drops of our OK For Kids Study Buddy, and inhale to encourage creativity and memorization. This DIY is easy enough for parents, and fun enough for kids, so be sure get them involved and don’t forget to diffuse OK For Kids Study Buddy while you work!

What you need


Leather Lace

Leather Punch or knife

OK For Kids Study Buddy


Cut the leather into about a 1 inch wide, and about 7 inches in length.  About 6 inches down cut a triangle shape. At the opposite end of the triangle, poke a hole using the leather punch, and tie a piece of leather lace. Add about 4-5 drops the bookmark with each use.

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