DIY OK For Kids Tummy Aid Balm

Stomach aches are about as much fun as getting a root canal… That is to say, no fun at all. But we believe there is one thing we can thank stomach aches for, and that is that they communicate to us when something’s not right. So whether it be that we have a stomach bug, digestive issues or simply ate too much, OK For Kids Tummy Aid is the best smelling solution to your stomach’s natural restitution. Each drop contains mighty therapeutic properties which help to effectively tame tummy troubles, yet is gentle enough for little ones to use when properly diluted or inhaled.


There’s no excuses for not making balms or salves, because it may just be the easiest DIY we’ve ever come up with. And when it comes to tremendous tummy troubles, we’ve found that a soft, soothing belly rub does more than just thwart pain- it helps to comfort tearful little ones. That’s why we highly recommend adding Tummy Aid to a balm to help your child effectively absorb the therapeutic benefits of this restorative blend.

What you need

4 oz Tin

2 oz Coconut Carrier Oil

1 oz Beeswax

15 drops OK For Kids Tummy Aid

Details, Details…

Melt beeswax in a double boiler, remove from heat, and stir in Coconut oil and Tummy Aid. Pour into the tin, and let cool. Yes, believe it or not, that’s all it takes to create a soothing tummy balm. Simply rub a dollop of Tummy Aid Balm onto the tummy, and allow relief to takeover.

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