Essential Oil Perfume Vs. Conventional Perfumes

by Bella Martinez December 02, 2018

Essential Oil Perfume

Here at EG, we noticed that many consumers purchase mainstream perfumes due to the misconception that it’s the only available option. Unfortunately, many of these readily available products contain harmful chemicals and potentially toxic synthetic fragrances.

At Edens Garden, we decided that our customers deserve better, so we crafted a new kind of aroma experience. Free of chemical toxins, our 6 natural perfumes showcase aromatic excellence and are derived purely from nature. 

Shopping for a perfume can be a wonderful experience when you know what to look for. How do you choose with so many names for fragrances, like perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette and cologne? What these names indicate is the concentration of aromatic compounds within them.

Our long-standing commitment to quality led us to formulate each Natural Perfume with a 20% concentration of pure essential oils, classifying them as true parfums.

Edens Garden's natural perfume is a “true perfume”

We felt compelled to add a natural and true perfume made with 100% pure essential oils, to our collection. Their strength and longevity, combined with the therapeutic properties, makes for an overall great value. In addition, EG's Natural Perfume was created to work with your body’s chemistry to create a signature aroma unique to you.

Why we love XOXO

Spicy, sultry, decadent, fiery and red hot, XOXO natural perfume is a bottle of passion. When released, XOXO invigorates the senses, sparking positivity and enthusiasm. With floral layers of Jasmine and Damiana, warm spices of Cardamom and Cinnamon, and intriguing Vanilla and Ginger, this blend is exotic and defies expectations with serendipitous grandeur. 

Whether you're buying for teachers, coworkers, neighbors or loved ones, XOXO and all of our perfumes make for a treasurable and unique gift. 

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January 29, 2024 at 9:54 am

I have been using the Allure perfume from my last order. I am in love with that scent. It truly is alluring with you’re just snuggled up reading a good book or out on a date with your man. So many compliments on it. Now I want to try another perfume, but not be disappointed because of my love for Allure.