Face Highlighter DIY

by Danielle De Guzman September 15, 2017

Face Highlighter Diy

If you’re not steeped in the makeup community, you may ask yourself, "Why are women glowing these days?" It’s not perspiration, it’s highlighter. A sparkling, glowing complexion is all the rage, and we at EG have to admit that it gives everyday makeup an edge.

The problem is the cost of buying highlighter. Trendy makeup items come with a big price, so in true Edens Garden fashion, we decided to create our own. Here’s our take on face highlighter.

What You Need

Shimmery eyeshadow

Sweet Almond oil

Small container

How To

Eyeshadows range from very cheap, to very expensive. We recommend starting with a cheap or broken eyeshadow, just make sure it’s shimmery and will match your skin tone (pinks, rouges and browns work the best). Remove the eyeshadow contents into a container.

Add a small bit of oil at a time, and stir until the consistency is liquidy and easily applicable. You can test the consistency by taking a bit of the mixture and applying it to the back of your hand or arm as you go. Once you achieve your desired consistency, apply the highlighter along your cheekbones, on the tip of your nose and chin. Now go out and enjoy the glow!

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