Fresh in the Shop: 7 New Natural Deodorants

by Grace Martin April 17, 2019

Fresh In The Shop: 7 New Natural Deodorants

The Garden is growing with the addition of 7 new natural deodorants! With aromas unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced, these deodorants will change the way you freshen-up.

Our natural deodorants harness the power of 100% pure essential oils and nontoxic, prebiotic ingredients to keep you feeling fresh all day and night. The baking soda-free formula actively controls odor, detoxifies and yields the amazing benefits of aromatherapy.

Try them all or customize your favorites with our “Create Your Own” set.

7 New Natural Deodorants Available Now

Fighting Five: Its penetrating aroma is highlighted by notes of citrus and Eucalyptus, offering you the confidence to spring into the day.

Geranium Juniper Berry: Woody notes intermingle with fruits and florals to offer an aroma that’s everything you want — and little more. Say buh-bye to B.O.

Grapefruit Pink Pepper: Detoxify your skin and refresh your zest with Grapefruit Pink Pepper natural deodorant. Equal parts citrus, botanicals and spice, its aroma puts the kibosh on body odor.

Lemongrass Ylang Ylang: Its provocative aroma offers layers of earthy warmth and florals to effectively prevent body odor.  

Tangerine Jasmine: Fanciful florals and tarts notes intermingle for an aroma that helps leave body odor in the dust.

Tobacco Patchouli: Its soothing and restorative properties pair perfectly with its warm, grounding aroma.

Yuzu Cannabliss: Its musky-meets-citrus aroma is a surefire way to invigorate the senses and maintain a natural freshness.

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