Get to Know Our New Essential Oil Sets

by Grace Martin August 02, 2019

Get to Know Our New Essential Oil Sets

They’re here! Indeed, your eyes have not deceived you, as we officially rolled out our new essential oil sets. Each of these sets offers specific benefits that can make your day-to-day life easier and healthier. Intent on taking deeper, more restful breaths? Check. Looking to banish those daily aches? Check. Wishing there was a Lavender-centric set of EOs? Check.

We’ve carefully crafted these new sets to fill a gap in your aromatherapy needs while relieving you of the arduous process of tracking individual oils down. With one click, these sets bring home a batch of EOs that relieve, relax, rejuvenate, revive and/or so much more. But enough with the build-up; let’s properly introduce you to our new essential oil sets!

Best of the Best Set: Think of this as a championship-caliber set of essential oils. You don’t settle for anything in life, so go with the Best of the Best. This set is a cut above the rest, packed with oils that can promote better breathing, refresh stuffy spaces and soothe everyday ailments. Give yourself a leg up with the 12 essential oil all-stars that team up in the Best of the Best set. This set includes Fighting Five, Lavender, Lemon and more.

Top Synergy Blend Set: Like a pop star rocketing to fame, this set of synergy blends is chart-topping and irresistible. Leap forward with this dynamic set of expertly formulated synergy blends. Pure, undiluted and totally awesome, each blend contains the most effective essential oils to achieve promising results. Whether you’re fighting a tiresome cold or looking for a fresh aroma to invigorate your home, the Top Synergy Blends set is your all-natural solution. This set includes Breathe Easier, Fighting Five, Good Night and more.

Top Single Oil Set: Enjoy this bold set of top-shelf single essential oils. Filling your space with a pleasant aroma can improve your mood and, therefore, your day. The Top Single Oils set doesn’t just give you a batch of great aromas but the  perfect aromas. This set features our most popular and therapeutic single essential oils, so you don’t have to search high and low for them on your own. This set includes Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree and more.

Aches & Pains Set: Restorative and healing, this set of essential oils has your back. Show some love to your sore muscles and joints with Aches & Pains. Each synergy blend in this set is carefully formulated to bring relief to overworked parts of your body and begin the healing process. When your body needs a little TLC, call upon this perfect set of synergy blends. This set includes Circu-Touch, Head Ease, Muscle Relief and more.

Breathe Set: A dynamic, refreshing set that combines essential oils and synergy blends. Breathe makes it possible to inhale refreshing air without scaling a mountain peak. Combining crisp and exhilarating essential oils, this set stirs your senses while soothing your mind. If you find yourself stressed out or stuffed up, Breathe offers a bevy of aromas that offer mental and olfactory clarity. This set includes Breathe Easier, Eucalyptus - Globulous, Exhale and more.

De-Stress Set: A kick-back, wind-down set of essential oils, De-Stress helps you relax and savor the stillness. After a long week, it can be hard to ease into a peaceful state. That’s where the De-Stress set comes in. The soothing, antidepressive and calming properties the De-Stress set contains can help melt away stress and anxiety so you can feel carefree. This set includes Anxiety Ease, Relaxation, Stress Relief and more.

Diffuser Set: A dynamic and soothing set of essential oils that opens your mind, body and olfactory system. Great for newcomers, this set offers a range of benefits in one place. Take a load off with aromatherapy, chill out with a calming essential oil or pep up with an energizing aroma. The Diffuser set gives you an aromatherapy foundation to build on. This set includes Cedarwood Spruce, Eucalyptus Cardamom, French Lavender Sage and more.

Energy & Focus Set: Think of this as a lively, vigorous set of single oils and synergy blends. Staying on task is key to success, and Energy & Focus’ only task is keeping you alert. With both invigorating single oils and synergy blends, this set helps you stay on your A game with. Whether you’re checking off to-dos at the office or diving into a passion project at home, Energy & Focus is the aromatic cocktail to keep you productive. This set includes Energy Boost, Peppermint, Stay Alert and more.

Floral Set: Reach for this blossoming set of essential oils and synergy blends. You won’t need a vase to enjoy the bountiful aromas that make up the Floral set. This collection brings together both single oils and synergy blends with the express purpose of promoting a calm, peaceful mindset. No matter your mood, it’s always the perfect time to enjoy the bouquet of aromas the Floral set offers. This set includes Lavender, Spring Garden, Ylang Ylang I and more.

Fruit Set: A citrusy, bright and sunny set of essential oils that invigorate your senses with the bright and plentiful notes. With a harvest of citrusy essential oils, this set is like basking in the aromas of your personal orchard. Whether you adore notes of citrus or want to put some pep in your step, this set is a fruitful pick. This set includes Clementine, Key Lime, Lemon and more.

Good Mood Set: A good-vibe set of synergy blends, Good Mood has you covered with uplifting aromas morning, noon and night. This collection brings together an array of aromas that all have one thing in common: positive vibes. Start off your day with a rejuvenating aroma, end it with soothing essential oils and fill in the middle with any of the other cheerful synergy blends included in Good Mood. This set includes Joy, Good Morning, Good Night and more.

Health & Wellness Set: Don’t miss out on this powerful, get-you-better-faster set of essential oils. Tell congestion and coughs to step off with the Health & Wellness set. These 6 exceptional oils can clear airways and, with regular use, help prevent sickness from ever barging in. Enhance your everyday health — not just at the first sign of a sore throat or runny nose — with this batch of all-natural essential oils and synergy blends. This set includes Fighting Five, Head Ease, Sleep Ease and more.

Home Aroma Set: Feel at home with this restorative, cozy set of essential oils. Our homes are our sanctuaries, a place where we can kick back and find some peace. Allow the Home Aromatherapy set to give you a hand in the R&R department. Stocked with essential oils that uplift, calm and invigorate your mind, body and spirit, this set is a reminder that there’s no place like home. This set includes Aroma Fresh, Lavender, Sunshine Spice and more.

Lavender Set: A sweet, floral and calming set of essential oils for the Lavender lover in your life. Unwind and find your inner calm with help from the Lavender set. Stocked with a botanical variety of Lavenders, each with its own nuanced aroma, there’s no shortage of ways to mellow your mind after a long day. Perfect for use at work or at bedtime, the Lavender set is your anytime relax pack. This set includes Lavender-Bulgarian, Lavender-French, Lavender-Greek and more.

Sleep Set: Don’t sleep on this soothing set of essential oils for the perfect slumber. You work hard, so you deserve a truly sound night of sleep. This set of synergy blends is expertly curated to ease your mind and body, ever-so-gently lulling you into relaxation and rest. Enjoy any of the synergy blends in this set to board your personal Slumberland Express.

Roll-On Set: Be sure to apply this robust, refreshing and empowering set of essential oil roll-ons. Give yourself a leg up on the day ahead with the Roll-On set. Peppermint, Fighting Five and Shine come together to form an all-star trio that keeps you refreshed, strong and radiant, no matter what kind of day you’re having. With no dilution necessary, simply apply these roll-ons whenever you need some aromatherapy inspiration. This set includes Bee Happy, Sniffles & Sneezes, Up & At ‘Em and more.

OK For Kids (EO & Roll-On Sets): An effective, kid-friendly set of synergy blends that gift your child the benefits of essential oils. All synergy blends in this set are specially formulated for children who are 2+, providing a safe way for them to enjoy aromatherapy. This dynamic and robust set gives everyone — including the adults —  something to delight in. This set includes Bee Happy, Sniffles & Sneezes, Up & At ‘Em and more.

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