Happy Father's Day from Edens Garden!

by Grace Martin June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day from Edens Garden!

This Father’s Day, let’s show dads and father figures all the love and appreciation they deserve. Maybe that’s giving him breakfast in bed, making a handmade gift or writing a heartfelt note. Sometimes, all dads want are simple words of affirmation- telling him you appreciate all the things he does for you. Whether your spending time with your dad, or if you’re thousands of miles away, find time to share some loving words with him.

And dads, if you’re reading this, be sure to take some extra R & R because this day’s all about you. Take that afternoon nap you never get around to, soak in a relaxing bath, remove yourself from today’s activities and get some uninterrupted quiet. You deserve it. While you’re at it, diffuse Fearless synergy blend in the Ultrasonic Diffuser to lift you up throughout the day.

As a parent, you have the most important job on earth, and that is raising children to be responsible, loving adults. For that, we at Edens Garden say thank you and Happy Father’s Day.

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