Happy Mother's Day from Edens Garden!

by Grace Martin May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

It’s Mother’s Day and let’s be real, if you still have kids in the house all you want is extra sleep, and a touch of peace and quiet. In which case, may you get all of the uninterrupted beauty rest your heart desires. Afterward, hold your little ones tight and appreciate the precious time you have with them. If you’re a mom whose kids have already left the nest, we hope that you’re surrounded by loved ones today.

To all moms out there, you have the most important job on earth, and that is raising up the next generation to be kind and loving human beings. For that, we at EG say thank you and happy Mother’s Day. To help you enjoy your day to the fullest, kick up your feet and have your husband or kids add a few drops of Bliss to the Ultrasonic Diffuser. Enjoy. Today is your day.

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