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How Our Deodorants Are Therapeutic Beyond Deodorizing

by Bella Martinez June 11, 2019

How Our Deodorants Are Therapeutic Beyond Deodorizing

Edens Garden’s deodorants work twofold: they keep you free of BO and harmful chemicals and help users benefit from the therapeutic essential oils each deo contains. Having a hard time choosing the deodorant that’s right for you? Don’t sweat it with this helpful guide to understanding the benefits of each blend included in our natural deodorants.

Cedarwood Spruce: This blend of forest-fresh oils helps to open up airways and encourage healthy breathing. Cedarwood Spruce deo is a breath of fresh air on your most congested days.

Fighting Five: The underarms are directly tied to the immune system, containing lymph nodes that carry white blood cells throughout the body. Like eating soup and drinking fluids, applying immune-boosting Fighting Five deodorant on your off days is essential to getting well soon.

Frankincense Lime: The zesty, clean aroma of Frankincense Lime is energizing and filled with healthful oils to get you in tip-top shape. This deodorant will not only enhance your mood but help you to feel your very best.

French Lavender Sage: Waking up to chaos or stress can put a damper on your day before it even begins. French Lavender Sage is a calming oasis to your senses, able to mitigate the craziest of days.

Geranium Juniper Berry: Red, inflamed, bumpy underarms are no fun. Especially with summer around the corner, when you want to stay cool and unlayered. Geranium Juniper Berry is filled with skin-loving EOs to help enhance the appearance of underarms, so you can set them free when the weather warms up.

Grapefruit Pink Pepper: Years of using harmful, chemical-laden antiperspirants can do a number on your body. Enter detoxifying Grapefruit Pink Pepper — a blend that helps to undo the damage done by an unhealthy underarm routine.

Lavender Magnolia: Not only does our best-selling Lavender Magnolia blend have an aroma that’ll keep you smiling throughout the day, it includes skin-brightening Lemon and Bergamot to reduce the look of dark underarms. Lighten up with Lavender Magnolia deo.

Lemongrass Ylang Ylang: Stress-reducing Lemongrass Ylang Ylang helps to lift away the day’s burdens while also reducing inflammation. If the day ahead looks bleak, reach for Lemongrass Ylang Ylang deodorant.

Rose Bergamot: If good-looking underarms are what you desire, Rose Bergamot is the answer to keep you from having to perspire. This blend contains a trifecta of nourishing oils to beautify your pits and keep you fresh.

Tangerine Jasmine: The captivating aroma of Tangerine Jasmine is best for hushing harsh BO. Filled with oils that stave off stink-inducing bacteria, you can be sure you always smell your best with this deo.

Tobacco Patchouli: This comforting blend is emotionally soothing and soothing to irritation caused by shaving or long term use of harmful, chemical-laden deos. Smooth away itchy, irritated pits with Tobacco Patchouli deodorant.

Yuzu Cannabliss: This natural wonder uplifts your mood while reducing common underarm issues like bumps, irritation, redness and inflammation. With Yuzu Cannabliss as your deo, there's no need to fear foul-smelling odors or bad feelings.

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