How to Pick Your Perfect Summer Perfume

by Bella Martinez July 12, 2019

How to Pick Your Perfect Summer Perfume

When we talk about summer, an array of sunny memories and bright daydreams likely come to mind (feel free to fill in the blank here). One aspect of summer that might not be so obvious? Your choice of perfume. The same aroma you’re head-over-heels for during the winter holiday season isn’t necessarily the one you’ll love during the warmer months. This might have something to do with the fact that heat can change how perfumes react with your body.

Take it from Debbie Wild, Lifestyle Director at Jo Malone: “Warmer weather can change your skin chemistry, so the fragrances you loved in the winter may not deliver in the summer or on holiday.”

So What Are My Options?

So if the perfect winter perfume isn’t a year-round ideal, what aromas help you shine as bright as the summer sun? Like everything related to aroma, it’s subjective, but a perfume with a citrus-forward aroma is a safe bet. Notes like lemon, mango and grapefruit provide a refreshing and airy layer that brightens the vibe you give off to others. Whether you’re cruising on a road trip, wandering the streets of your getaway town, or simply enjoying an afternoon coffee date with friends, the right perfume can elevate your summer day.

For the perfect summertime perfume, explore our line of all-natural EG perfumes. Each of our perfumes is made using our pure essential oils and is free of toxins that you may find in other fragrances. Bask in the pleasantness of summer with the citrus-forward aroma of Shine or the lemon-meets-bergamot complexity of Lavender Magnolia.

Things To Remember

For those who experience sensitive skin during the summer heat, consider wearing your aromas on your clothes rather than your skin. Giving your clothes a quick spritz could help you navigate around that issue. Just make sure it’s okay to use it on your clothes before applying.

Of course, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you necessarily sweat. To make the biggest aromatic impact, apply your perfume to high-circulation areas of your body. These would be the wrists, throat, inside of the elbows and behind the knees. These locations can accentuate the aroma you’ve chosen for the warmer months. To lock-in your perfume and prolong its life, it’s recommended that you use a body lotion before stepping outside.

Summer is about feeling bright, light and happy, so at the end of the day you should choose an aroma that makes you feel as such. If floral or pine-heavy aromas give you that feeling and confidence, then lean into those.

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