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Introducing Around The World Essential Oils

by Jenna Jones May 17, 2020

Introducing Around The World Essential Oils

Take a trip with Edens Garden and explore our 10 new Around The World essential oils. Each bottle contains the same essential oil, from multiple origins. For example, our Around The World Lavender oil includes Lavenders from France, Bulgaria, Greece, China, and India. 

With the Around The World oils, you are getting the very best of each botanical. The therapeutic and medicinal properties of each oil can vary depending on the farm’s elevation, soil density, rainfall, sunlight, and other environmental factors. By combining the resulting variations into one Around The World oil, you can expect a heightened therapeutic and aromatic experience.

What’s the difference between our Around The World oils and single oils? 

The answer is pretty simple. Single essential oils are derived from a single botanical harvested from a single location. Our Around The World oils are a single essential oil but derived from multiple origins. 

Around The World Essential Oils

Around The World oils

Cedarwood: Traverse the rejuvenating and grounding properties of five Cedarwoods in one with this Around The World essential oil. Harvested from five different locations across the globe, each Cedarwood oil holds unique therapeutic benefits and aromas. 

Eucalyptus:Breathe in the natural healing and invigorating properties of Eucalyptus in this Around The World essential oil. Collected from five different harvests spread across three continents, each Eucalyptus oil offers special characteristics that translate to a more nuanced camphoraceous aroma. 

Frankincense:Explore the legendary qualities of Frankincense in this Around The World essential oil. A union of seven Frankincenses grown in various regions throughout the planet, the oil carries a highly concentrated and complex level of its anti-inflammatory, grounding, immune-boosting and relieving therapeutic benefits. 

Lavender:Transport to a more tranquil and serene frame of mind with Lavender in this Around The World essential oil. Harvested from five different Lavender fields in France, Greece, Bulgaria, China and India, this oil encapsulates the very best Lavender has to offer.

Lemon:Refresh your environment with the purifying and cleansing properties of Lemon in this Around The World essential oil. Sourced from four different Lemon farms across three continents, this oil’s bright and zesty aroma promotes positive thinking. 

Orange:A burst of freshness, this Around The World essential oil is an instant pick-me-up. Harvested from five different Orange groves spread across the planet, this oil epitomizes the therapeutic benefits associated with orange

Peppermint:Awaken your natural vitality with the energizing and curative properties of Peppermint in this Around The World essential oil. A curated combination of three different Peppermint oils harvested across the globe, this oil’s complex aroma is classically minty with notes of balsamic and sweet candy. 

Rosemary:Unearth the energizing and restorative benefits of Rosemary with this Around The World essential oil. Sourced from five different farms scattered across two continents, the five Rosemary oils unite into one to provide unsurpassed therapeutic results. 

Sandalwood:Embark on a healing and meditative experience of Sandalwood in this Around The World essential oil. A therapeutic combination of three different Sandalwood essential oils with origins across the globe, this oil offers a range of dynamic benefits.

Tea Tree:Discover the purifying and curative properties of Tea Tree with this Around The World essential oil. Harvested from three farms located in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, the three Tea Tree oils combine to create a singular highly holistic essential oil.

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