Introducing Edens Garden Body Oils

by Jenna Jones November 19, 2017

Introducing Edens Garden Body Oils

Silky and ultra-moisturizing, Edens Garden’s natural body oils will radically transform any body-care routine. Our commitment to quality and purity seen in our essential oils now extends to our ready-to-use products. After testing hundreds of natural ingredients for our body oils, we found combinations that revitalize the skin and leave a lasting softness.

As for aroma and therapeutic use, our body oils include some of EG’s favorite essential oils and synergy blends along with a few newly formulated blends. Our exclusive line of deeply hydrating body oils combine therapeutic essential oils, natural vitamins and nutrients to smooth, moisturize and nourish your skin. A revolution in skincare, body oils have a range of benefits including protecting against free radicals and the renewal of skin cells.

To maintain purity and safety, our body oils are made with 100% natural, nontoxic ingredients. They are free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, fillers, preservatives, fragrances and any other synthetics. Edens Garden never tests on animals and body oils are packaged in recyclable glass.  

How to use: Apply the multi-tasking body oils to damp or dry skin. Use the oils in a massage or pour directly into the bath.

Body Oils

Earth & Wood

Fresh and complex, Earth & Wood body oil absorbs deeply and will leave your skin glowing. Its ingredients have a range of astringent and anti-inflammatory properties that dynamically nourish your all-over complexion.

Good Night

Perfect for pouring into a warm bath, Good Night body oil can help relax your body and quiet your mind. Its silky texture can also be applied at night to help ease tension and restore the skin while you sleep.


A lightweight moisturizer, Lavender body oil helps soften and deeply hydrates your skin. With an incredibly sought-after aroma, Lavender body oil is the go-to for massage, body and bath treatments. It can help clear away stress and sweep away worry.

Lavender Magnolia

Soften and soothe your skin without a greasy residue by using Lavender Magnolia body oil. Its luxurious aroma has refreshing floral notes. Rich with fatty acids and vitamin A, C, and E, Lavender Magnolia body oil can help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lemon Ginger

Invigorate your skin with Lemon Ginger body oil. It has a citrusy and grounding aroma that can help banish worries. Formulated to relieve dry skin without clogging your pores, Lemon Ginger body oil helps replenish your skin’s natural moisture.

Rose Bergamot

The silky formula of Rose Bergamot body oil can help calm and protect the skin as it captivates your senses. Its natural ingredients deeply hydrate dry skin and help combat premature skin maturity.


Possessing a sweet and floral aroma, Shine body oil is packed with skin-nourishing nutrients. It can help support the natural repair process of skin cells while it nourishes. As it gently absorbs into your skin, it can help stimulate and empower your mind.

Vanilla Sandalwood

An undeniably decadent oil, Vanilla Sandalwood body oil has a velvety texture that absorbs effortlessly into your skin. High in omega-6s and omega-9, it’ll make your skin feel baby soft while slightly cooling your body. Vanilla Sandalwood body oil has a warm and creamy aroma with notes of the divine.


Super-hydrating and utterly stunning, XOXO body oil is brimming with all-natural firming and smoothing nutrients. Its essential oils work together to polish the outer layers of your skin while adding an elegant aroma.

Yuzu Cannabliss

Protect and nourish your skin with Yuzu Cannabliss body oil. Packed with anti-inflammatory properties, Yuzu Cannabliss body oil can encourage a luminous glow while shedding dead skin cells. Its effective antioxidant ingredients, including vitamin E, can help fade the appearance of scars and imperfections.

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