Introducing Edens Garden New Bath Salt Collection

by Grace Martin June 01, 2018

Introducing Edens Garden New Bath Salt Collection

Savor some additional self-care with our seven new Bath Salts. Mineral-rich and made with 100% pure essential oils, our Bath Salts lead you to a blissful bathing experience. Smooth and condition your skin while you unwind in a salt bath. The therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy effortlessly intertwine with the detoxing and anti-inflammatory properties of the Bath Salt.

Unlike a majority of bath salts on the market, our Bath Salts are free of dyes, preservatives, harmful chemicals and harsh ingredients. Every single Bath Salt is vegan, cruelty-free and beautifully packaged.

The use of salts and minerals in the bath is a practice steeped in history and recommended by medical professionals. Each Bath Salt contains the highest quality Celtic sea salts, Epsom salt, baking soda and 100% pure essential oils diluted in nourishing coconut oil. Often suggested as being used for arthritis, inflammation, soreness, a variety of skin issues and bruising, our Bath Salt offers an array of restorative components.

EG’s Bath Salts

Eucalyptus Cardamom Bath Salt: Clear and calm your airways with the Eucalyptus Cardamom Bath Salt. Restorative and soothing, the mineral blend frees up space in the body and mind so you can breathe more fully.

Fighting Five Bath Salt: Stimulate your body’s natural defense and immune system with the Fighting Five Bath Salt. High in antibacterial properties, the soak helps eliminate pathogens while purifying the skin, giving you a healthful glow.

Good Night Bath Salt: Float to a deeper level of rest with the Good Night Bath Salt. Ideal before bedtime, the trace minerals in sea salt combined with warm water helps the body release mental stress and tension.

Grapefruit Pink Pepper Bath Salt: Detoxify your body and mind with the Grapefruit Pink Pepper Bath Salt. Formulated to draw out impurities and toxins from the pores, the soak is rich with sea minerals that help fight harmful bacteria.

Lavender Magnolia Bath Salt: Immerse yourself in relaxation as you gently unwind with the Lavender Magnolia Bath Salt. Its electrolyte minerals and Lavender essential oil help clear away worry while deeply hydrating the skin.

Yuzu Cannabliss Bath Salt: Release muscle tension, aches, and soreness with the Yuzu Cannabliss Bath Salt. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help take pressure off the joints and ease strains while moisturizing the skin.


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