Introducing From the Isles of Aroma Diffuser Jewelry

by Grace Martin December 08, 2016

Introducing From the Isles of Aroma Diffuser Jewelry

Inspired by the natural elements, our new line of diffuser jewelry is a fashionable and effective way to enjoy the many therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy. Handmade by Lavha and presented by Edens Garden, the jewelry is both chic and timeless.

Made in the United States, our 'From the Isles of Aroma' collection features ethically-sourced lava stones. The stones elegantly absorb and diffuse essential oils, transmitting aromatherapy for days. The bracelets can be stacked with other jewelry, together or worn solo. A great gift for an aroma-lover, the jewelry is versatile and easy to use.

How To Diffuse

Simply rub 1-2 drops of your chosen single essential oil or synergy blend on the lava stones. Wait about 20 seconds for the oil to absorb before wearing and enjoy for up to three days of aromatic benefits.

The Capri Wrap:

Versatile and delicate, the 22” Capri Wrap adds a gentle dash of color to any ensemble. Wrap it around your wrist several times or wear as a necklace, the wrap is eclectic and classic. Couple the Capri Wrap with your favorite watch or stack with bangles. No matter the occasion, the wrap makes a statement.

Made with petite 4 mm stones, the wrap includes Lava, Moonstone, Howlite, Jade, Mother of Pearl, Rhodonite, Topaz, Aventurine, Spotted Jasper and Frosted Clear and Rose Quartz. To diffuse your most-loved essential oils, rub a few drops on the lava stones.

The Catalina Bracelet:

Reminiscent of the sea, the 7” Catalina Bracelet is a loop of Tibetan Agate, Aquamarine and Lava stones. Subtle yet ornate, it suits any and every look by adding a subtle touch of color. The Catalina Bracelet easily shifts from elegant to earthy, depending on your style.

The Cayman Bracelet:

Richly detailed, the 7” Cayman Bracelet features brilliant contrast with its Howlite, Tibetan Agate and Lava stones. Wear it all day or slip it on for special occasions, the Cayman Bracelet is adaptable enough to match with almost anything.

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