Introducing New Discovery Sampler Sets

by Grace Martin June 08, 2023

Introducing New Discovery Sampler Sets

Today is a special day because we’re launching NEW Discovery Sampler Sets! The Edens Garden community has requested sample sizes for years, and we get it. It’s tough to know if you’ll love an oil without being able to test it first. Our collection of Discovery Sampler Sets is the answer to that very problem. 

Each Discovery Sampler Set comes equipped with 6 of our best essential oils for everyday issues like sleep, mood, health and more. Small in size but mighty in benefits, oils are available in ¼ drams for easy sampling and can be enjoyed again and again. If you’re looking to try something new or introduce someone to essential oils, then the Discovery Sampler Set is for you. 

Introducing 8 New Discovery Sampler Sets


The Body Discovery Sampler Set of 6 delivers the best aromatherapy essential oil blends for natural skincare and nourished hair. Each blend tackles a range of skin concerns including scar reduction, sunburn relief, mature skin and promoting radiant-looking skin.


The Diffuser Discovery Sampler Set of 6 offers the ultimate collection of the best-smelling essential oil diffuser blends. With mood-boosting, citrus, floral, woodsy and grounding essential oils, there’s something for everyone in this dynamic essential oil set. 


The Health Discovery Sampler Set of 6 is an unrivaled collection of essential oils that offers immune support, everyday wellness and natural cleaning. Discover blends for cold relief, respiratory support, headache relief and migraine relief in this curated natural defense set.


The Massage Discovery Sampler Set of 6 offers a robust collection of healing aromatics and essential oils for massage, muscle relief, joint pain, inflammation aid and more. Each soothing blend was specially formulated for massage therapy and natural pain relief.


The Men Discovery Sampler Set of 6 presents an apex collection of bold and sophisticated natural colognes and masculine aromas. Enjoy meditative and calming blends, and essential oils for gentleman’s grooming, self-care and wellness in this extraordinary aromatherapy set.


The Mood Discovery Sampler Set of 6 encompasses the best aromatherapy for mood improvement and essential oils for mental well-being. This uplifting aromatherapy set of natural mood boosters contains fatigue-fighting essential oils and blends for stress relief.


If you’re looking to promote better sleep with essential oils, look no further than the Sleep Discovery Sampler Set of 6. Embracing Edens Garden’s premier natural sleep remedies, this set contains the most effective aromatics in bedtime aromatherapy.


The Women Discovery Sampler Set of 6 offers the pinnacle of aromatherapy for women’s wellness. Each serene blend is made up of comforting essential oils for PMS relief, pregnancy support, hormonal balance, menopause support and more.



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