Introducing Our New Reed Diffuser

by Grace Martin November 02, 2017

Introducing Our New Reed Diffuser

Our new Reed Diffuser will change the way you use Edens Garden’s essential oils. Made from natural wood, the petite reed diffuser is perfect for small spaces yet powerful enough to invigorate any room.

Place the Reed Diffuser on your bedside table to invite peaceful sleep with Good Night or set it on your desk with Focus, Focus, Focus. It’s easy to travel with and makes for a thoughtful gift.

How To Use

Simply unscrew the cap off your 5 ml or 10 ml EG bottle and carefully pop out the plastic euro dropper. Twist the wooden sleeve onto the bottle and slip the little reed sticks into the bottle. Place the wooden tray underneath the bottle to prevent spillage and place anywhere you’d like.

The petite Reed Diffuser takes about a 1-2 hours to absorb and emit an aroma. To refresh, rotate the reed sticks every 1-2 days.

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